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Unless you have your own site, I would suggest an affiliate program. You can look on clickbank or jvzoo for ideas. Look at what is the most popular and then decide which is best for you. The advantage here is that you don't have to design your site, sales copy, etc. Use theirs and get good, quality traffic to you affiliate link. Hope it helps.

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How to get started online? I'm seeking ideas, 


Here you have one idea: Do Your OWN Due Dilligence.


Asking for "ideas" like you do will:


- Get all of other members know for sure you even didn't take the not-so-overwhelming road of just looking for (not even reading) most "inspiring" threats right here, on this same Marketing Checkpoint; 


- Some nice souls will graciously share newbie-proof first things you can try...you are asking others to chew your food and put it right into your mouth.


Come on, negustara:

1) what are you good at ?

2) what do you enjoy doing ?

3) would somebody pay me for doing 1) and/or 2) ?

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im going to help you out, this site not only teaches you step-by-step marketing, from doing your own website, it actually gives you 2 websites from the start and teaches you how to promote. everything can be learned. If you want to learn a lot, then this is the answer for you. talks about niche, seo and everything under the sun that you need to learn

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