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I see this every where


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Hi Ellieo thanks for helping me I do have prosperity want I want to know is how I get that video they use.


Have A Great Week 0423

Hi, looks like you mean the custom marketing system for PMS created by Jeff Aman. I guess you should contact him directly and he will set up for you these pages if you have joined some of his team members. Seach "Jeff Aman" in the email inbox you use to receive safelist emails, then you will find him promoting similar page, on his sales page you find his email address. 

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Focus on What (the ultimate goal)....the What is the thing you are trying to achieve...that you want. I realize that this may be a simplistic response to a more complicated problem, but sometimes, trying to fix the broken things is just not worth the time. You have to decide for yourself, when it’s time to formulate a new plan.

Moving forward, you may do better with a more learner-friendly platform.


Good luck!

Earning cash from home with Affiliate marketing & the wellness industry, I also enjoy "making music" with vocals & keys to uplift & encourage! Hopeisfree!

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