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What are the Five (5) best programs (products or services) you would recommend to marketing checkpoint members for 2019?


What products would you recommend for email marketing (list building), seo for organic search, building backlinks, driving quality buyer traffic, social media influencers outreach, building stronger social signals, improving domain authority, generating more sales from your affiliate links, lowering bounce rates and increasing customer retention etc; etc; etc?


It would be nice to share with members that quality information that will help everyone of us here to conquer our niche. 


Suggestions are welcome

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These are the programs I am recommending for my new members because i believe they will need programs like these to get started and have success.

We know every marketer eventually will need an auto-responder account. I recommend Buildabizonline because of the cost , the ease of use, and simplicity of using it.

For instant success a new list builder just came out and it is teaching 2 very important online processes. 1. It cost to have a business but is shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. 2. Instant money is made proving that you can make money online. This is paramount for new people. For this I recommend MakeMoneyEven. cost $10 but as soon as they join they are rewarded 410 instantly into their account. Now they have a powerful lead generator plus commissions.

The next program that is without a doubt the most important, a payment processor. For this I recommend ORU. Paypal has really slowed many of us down. ORU is the answer and you can also promote inside our growing marketplace inside the membership. This is a must and any new person coming into marketing needs this from their entry. Another great business tool for lead generation is My Easy List Builder. It is a simple combination of free tools that helps ad to your list and get easy commissions. The last of my 5 recommendations is SEO Optomiser Pro which is an easy to learn and use SEO builder.

These are my recommendations because with so many good programs out there it is easy to get lost. And as with all programs, they begin with free options but I challenge my new people to start out on top. And I show them that they don't have to ad the baby to make the payments. I hope thei help[s.

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Vtrafficrush  and Adboardz the reason I say both of these sites are because you can make money and build a list with both of them. Plus, you also get viral advertising. You can also message your downline with both of these sites as well. You can upgrade in both of these programs it's only a 0ne-time fee so you don't have to break the bank. 


Leadsleap is also a good site because it gives you a lot of great tools to use. You can also build a list, get leads, and they have a tracker that you can use and you can advertise there too.



Ibotoolbox and Sokule are social sites and you can also build a list and they both offer a bunch of tools you can use for your business.

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Instead of programs, I do choose apps, plugins or cloud-hosted solutions.


- For project management and team collaboration, I'm with Hive, specially for the myriad of already avaliable integrations.


- As I earn 50% of my living as Shopify Partner developer, I go for Octane AI when some client ask for a FB bot solution.


- Abandoned cart issues? I do use Carts Guru, setting up emails, SMS and Automatic Calls to convert lost customers into sales.


- An addition that is increasing website signups and sales for me is Proof: it displays targeted social proof notifications.


- And when in need of increasing audience engagement with a gamification touch, Interact.

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In terms of social media outreach I would suggest adding Crowdfire to your arsenal.


With the ever increasing popularity of social media marketing, it's easy to get overwhelmed.


I rely on Crowdfire often to provide consistent content to my audience,


AND to grow my audience across social platforms. 


Give it a try; it has leverage written all over it.


I never neglect marketing locally (offline) so I would also recommend using dropcards.


To me it's so passive!
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As we are all well aware, most businesses, especially offline, use the traditional business card as a means to market and share their details with clients.


These do have a few limitations though, like:


      They can't be edited once printed.


      You can't add an active link to your website.


      You can't add links to your social media sites.


       You can't include embedded videos.


       You can't use it to announce a new product/special.


However, all this and more can be done with a VBC (virtual business card).


Formatted for best display on a mobile device, and easily shared via SMS or email, this product gives you  maximum opportunity for direct connection with your prospect. It will be my No1 tool for 2019. See mine at http://its2ezy.net


Also new this year is the soon to be released (March 30) K-Phone, the worlds first blockchain based smartphone! The satellite version will work globally, WITHOUT the need for a service provider. Exclusive to KaratBars, the phone will include built-in app to operate their global gold-backed currency. No pricing available yet....I will certainly share that when available.  

KaratBars gold...the perfect gift for any occassion!


It's Easter time at KaratBars...new releases available now.



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My 5 best programs recommended for Marketing Checkpoint members (not affiliate links):


1. ConvertKit (email marketing system) makes email automation easy to understand.
2. SiteGround website hosting - consistently rated 
among the top web hosting companies and is known for speed and great customer service.
3. Stencil image/graphics online app for image creation for social media marketers,
bloggers, and small businesses.
4. Screencast-O-Matic to create and edit screencast videos.
5. Wealthy Affiliate - best online affiliate marketing training and spam-free membership community.



The links above are for the program home pages and are not affiliate links. If you would like my experiences with these programs, please send a message to me from my Marketing Checkpoint profile.


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well, thank you very much for the question. i would love to answer this:


Best 5 programs for me this 2019 so far:


1. JVZoo - it earned the top place for me since it's so easy to become a Seller there of course as long as you have your own product to promote, usually online software is accepted the fastest.


2. WealthyAffiliate - it earned the second spot, because I just started there 3 days ago and I already got like 5 referrals, it's widely accepted and easy to promote since it mentions about making money and it teaches you step-by-step details, only yourself needed and a good understanding, plus you need to apply what you learned. You will be given 2 websites for free that has latest wordpress installed on it, if i were you these things are paid in other community, Start becoming wealthy.


3. Health and Body Naturals - of course nowadays, cbd hemp oil or marijuan have been approved for medicinal usage only, and it's a shame for me to not take advantage of it. It's purely selling, if you join in, you will get like 7 free websites to promote so that it covers every area, like yourself, your pets, your kids, and your entire family.


4. WordPress blog - well, from time to time you need to blog which is a good source of traffic and a decent way of promoting all the projects and programs you have out there. So I'm giving away 90% discount up until July, 2019 only. It also has free 30-day trial just in case you don't want any features.


5. Viral List Building, Traffic + Social Sharing Wordpress Plugin - it's one of those ways to increase your list and this is a perfect tool for you.

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