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Mobile Friendly Tracker Options?


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Hi everyone! 


After spending a lot of time using the tracker on LeadsLeap I have just discovered that it is not mobile friendly.  Not too happy about showing mobile ad viewers a blank page  :o so now on the hunt for a new tracker.  


Preferably one that can be used with a single link and a /sitename added without having to save a new one each time.  


Any suggestions? 


Many Thanks!

I loves to blog  :P earn  :D and help others when I can  ;)

Feel free to check out my blog for more info about me and what I do! 

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I would like to suggest Clickmagick to you. I think what you are describing is the ability to create a custom tracking link. If you own the domain you'll like it here. They have options galore for the online business owner. 


The feature I really like is the ability to share metrics with others; for example, members in a downline. 


If you explore please come back and tell others what you think.

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I use hitsconnect now, it allows you to add tags to the end like you mentioned.


I like Hitsconnect also, and used it for quite some time. The UI is nice. The tagging system is excellent. I just wanted more tracking features, and the link customization did not meet my needs.

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I'm surprised you say the LeadsLeap tracker is not mobile friendly... I've always found it to work well on any device.

Certain sites which can't be displayed in a frame won't work if you have the link cloaking turned on, but this is the case whether on mobile or PC and is easily fixed by disabling link cloaking on that particular link but keeping the tracking option

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