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recommend a banner rotator


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My banner rotator at Hits Connect is working, but then I haven't added a new one in a very long time. I don't use their tracking, so I'm not upgraded there, I just use the one banner rotator that's allowed there. You can try Traffic Zipper, but I haven't used it for years and can't say if its reliable. Free accounts can have several I think. I would keep an eye on them at first to make sure they're connecting the right image and page link combination (somewhere in my memory there was some problem with that way back then).

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these are some you may use, you may use one or you may use all, they're all free


1. BOB or BucketofBanners - allows you to promote up to 5 banners. It aslo has a manual surfing bar or surf for impressions that you can surf other banners in exchange for credits that you can use for promotion.


2. CashInOnBanners - allows you to promote up to 3 banners for a free member but every time you promote your page, it only promote one of them in random including other member's banners.


3. Banner-adz - allows you to promote up to 3 banners for a free member and it starts with a lot of credits. Up until now I haven't consumed all my credits since of course you will place their code on your websites. It's a 1:1 banner exchange as well.

4. Banneradsthatpay - just like cashinonbanners but i like cashinonbanners more, it only allows you 1 banner to promote. But unlike cashinonbanners, you won't see your banner promoted on your own referral link.


5. BannerAdTraffic - You need to surf first to earn banner credits but if you are in a hurry, just purchase impression for it.


6. Banner Exchange  -  i own this one but I haven't tested it yet. But if you promise to promote it too, I can give you some bonuses to it.


7. YourViralBanners - I was enjoying this for quite some time but they removed the banner exchange and turn it into a list building system. I actually use it on my autosurf exchange but removed it once I known it.

So I used to use Trck.me but they removed the $10 a month option. And the rotaor at Hitsconnect and affiliate Funnel are both broken.


I need a banner rotator.


Please let me know if you have a good idea.


Steve Smith

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