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Had Scott Douglas paid anybody lately?

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Does anybody know what happened to Scott Douglas? I'm still a member of his program Lucrative Traffic and was for a while.


Earned some commissions and already more than a year, after countless emails and support tickets, I not only received no money (supposed to be paid on 1 and 15 of each month), but haven't received any response either.


Does anything happen to him? I've known his name and reputation for many years. Didn't expect anything like that from him. Earned some commissions in TE Profits too - the same result.


Many of us had hard time sometimes - but a common courtesy is at least to answer an email.


Alexei Z.

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If someone isnt paying commissions for MONTHS but the site is still up then you arent going to get paid. I dont know who he is, but seems like another on the list. I have been hearing about this person, mathew graves and john bell for months to the past couple years - and even longer now. Many, many owners are not paying anymore it seems like.


It pisses me off even more today than it did 6 months ago, a year ago, 2 years ago... because me and a load of other owners pay their dues to people, despite paypal and whatever problems. Plus answer support tickets.


And I see so many promoting and buying from them still... still.

They dont deserve it as they dont do the work to deserve the time & money affiliates put into what they do! (aka members)

PHP Programmer - Internet Marketer - Web Designer - Advertising Network Owner

Celebrating 22 years in business - Since 1998




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Re: TE Profits

When it re-launched a few years back, Sean Supplee (owner of RealHitz4U traffic exchange) had teamed up with Scott...I assume as a co-owner?  You can try and contact Sean and see what's going on.  He's active on Facebook.


Re: John Bell

Again, he is very active on Facebook.  You can try contacting him there if you're having issues at his sites.

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lol you're right again on the target. have you just seen my new thread on the help me section. why do these guys think it best to make facebook or gmail a customer support or helpdesk, get your own from zendesk if you can't afford to host one on your website. another is freshdesk, it's all open source btw. no need for alibi on facebook and gmail.

I have had many many MANY tell me nothing gets resolved that way either (facebook) for over two years now.

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