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Dan Moses,owner of many sites like mailers and TE's.Unable to reach him.He has a support ticket place for all his sites but always get some kind of captcha code error and can not send a ticket.Also his Twitter account is gone.Reason for me posting this is that at one of his sites I have a lifetime pro upgrade, but no longer ,my account is now Free member.This is not something happend yesterday.It has been at least 2 months.Maybe anyone knows how to reach him ?

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at one of his sites I have a lifetime pro upgrade


It is TE i guess? ... because his mailers and his servers hosted ones are down for several days now like puffinmailer and at least 5 more.

I am also looking how to contact him because before his server went down it had https certificate expired for months so i would like to ask him to fix it.




always get some kind of captcha code error

Yes, it still has Recaptcha V1 installed that was shut down a year ago so no way you can submit a ticked sadly.


I have found several emails:

sales at pageswirl.com

dan at pageswirl.com

That domain is still up.


Also facebook.com/danmoses/ is it him?

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I've heard many bad reports from people, either they haven't been paid commissions, or their accounts weren't upgraded after paying, and no support to help, and this goes back a couple of years already. I guess you could try leave a message at his skype. I just checked and he shows to have been active there in the last days. pageswirl

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