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Is anyone else getting fed up lately with Twitter's hyper-vigilant bots, which seem incapable of differentiating between automated and spamming accounts and genuine accounts?


Three times in the past couple of months I've had my account limited/suspended, apparently because Twitter's bots detected 'unusual activity' indicative of automated accounts.


Although I have used some automation in the past, things like Crowdfire to schedule posts in advance, etc. (which, incidentally, is accepted by Twitter) for some time now I have only posted manually, genuine posts - nothing spammy - nothing repetitive - nothing, as far as I can figure, remotely resembling automation in any way.


Yet my account keeps getting blocked and every time it happens I lose followers. Which is only to be expected, since all they see when they visit my profile is a big warning about 'unusual activity' on the account.


It's getting tedious.


The irony is that when I've tried to communicate with Twitter staff to unlock the account, I get repeated automated bot-replies giving generic advice. For example, the first time it happened, I had an old mobile number associated with the account that I no longer had access to. Every time I would email Support to explain this I'd get an automated reply advising me to follow the link and enter my mobile number!


Seriously, the A.I. which seems to be increasingly running the show at Twitter seems to be incredibly stupid.


Anyone else had these problems?

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