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Beware of homebusinessaffiliates.net


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Earlier this year I received several of the following email ads from Home Business Affiliates/HBA:


"$8,400 Monthly Residual Income Paid Weekly/Advertising,Recruiting, Sign Ups Done For You

See how "Home Business Affiliates" can help you reach financial independence and retire in 6 months starting today!

Partner in Your Success,

HBA Team Office Direct Line


See Why Hundreds Are Joining Everyday 



On June 25th, 2019 I invested $150 in HBA but after six months I received absolutely nothing in return. I sent several emails but did not receive a response. I then mailed a certified letter and finally got a reply via email in poor english giving me excuses. I told them that it sounded like a scam and requested my money back. On December 27th 2019 they said that they would but never did. I have sent several more emails but I have been ignored. Buyer beware!


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Hi impetu,


Thanks for the heads up.


I normally stay away from program that say that they will build your business for you.


If they can build a business for you, why do they need us to invest money in the first place to earn money.

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Thanks for the warning 


there is no program in the world make you rich quickly you need to work hard and develop yourself and your skills to get to the point.


every one that say's get rich quick is an arnaque so dont be in a hurry take your time, analyse and then make your decision everytime you face that kind of advertising do that and you will be fine.

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