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Buyer Beware Of Soloadsqueen.com!

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On March 5th, 2020 I purchased a solo ad campaign with 10,000 guaranteed clicks for $200.00  from a website called soloadsqueen.com (linktargeter.com).

I have reason to believe that this company is not providing a legitimate service.

Their website states that campaigns begin within 24 hours but It took ten days for my ad campaign to begin.

When I would contact them regarding the status of my campaign it would take them up to 4 days to respond.

I was also told that it would take 4-5 days to for my campaign to be completed but it took twice as long. And although I eventually received the amount of clicks I ordered,I didn't get a single opt-in to my capture page with has never happened before and this leads me to believe that the clicks were probably bots and not real people.

From the beginning I began to have doubts about this company and when I expressed my concerns to them via email, they responded with extremely unprofessional and juvenile comments. And when I told the representative that I would be posting a negative review online, this was her response:


"Sure thing :-) Will do the same and warn them about your business. I will ruin you!! :-)




Then she also blocked my email so that I could no longer communicate with them. I'll never do business with them again.


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Thanks for sharing.


From my experience, I think it's better to use a solo ad marketplace like Udimi. Or better yet, spend the money on an upgrade at a good safelist.


I agree. Solo ads seem to work best, however, I always join a new program for free and try it out before I upgrade. Even after marketing online for 20 years, I am still skeptical.

There are two ways to face the future. One way is
with apprehension; the other is with anticipation  .

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