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Every now and again I see something that I just know is too good to be true but there's a little voice inside of me going "Go on, give it the benefit of the doubt and try it"


Traffic365.net is one of those programs.


It was offering 50 guaranteed signups and something crazy like several million hits for under $10 and even though I knew it was completely unfeasible, it was such a small price to pay that I couldn't resist trying it just for the hell of it... 


Needless to say, I've requested a refund via PayPal - the results were even worse than I'd expected - zero!


Not recommended lol

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I have heard of Perpetual Income 365 I heard this was a bit dodgy.  Also I read somewhere that the owners might be linked to another site with 365 in the name - something like Profit365

Maybe these companies are linked.

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