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Safelist, Adexchange and LFMVM Webhosting


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Anyone looking for affordable webhosting for Safelists, Adexchanges, Viral Mailers or just about anything, please feel free to check out my hosting service. I specialize in these areas and offer unlimited emailing. I currently host several of these kind of sites. My prices are very affordable.

Thank you!



Admins of this forum. if this is in the wrong area, please let me know. I am new here and stumbling around a bit. lol





Just trying to make a dolla!

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This hosting sadly stopped working with mailers, ad exchanges several months ago.


Sites hosted there have surfing icon not loading if you open more than one credit mail, 403 and Forbidden errors so you have to reload a page or wait minutes until you can access again and sites are slow as well so when you click correct icon it take several second to award you with credits.

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Ah, I thought it was interesting to start.  I use Blue Host and Godaddy at the moment and was interested in the above.  So what about Ionos?  There is always loads of pricing competition.

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