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New Scam Alert: Ultimate Traffic Freedom


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Just came across a new promotion going around by the name of Ultimate Traffic Freedom.


And as it is a cloned website, aka Mathew Graves, that made it suspect.


On signing up. I got the following:




Thanks for joining Ultimate Traffic Freedom

The member's area is live and you can log into your account using the member ID number and password which has been sent to you in a separate email.

Here is a quick overview of how it works ...

1. Our system will send you emails of ads from other members. You click the links in those ads to earn credits.

2. You use those credits earned to send your ads out the the membership. If you have 500 credits, you can email 500 people.

3. Other members click on the link in your ads and visit your website where they can signup or buy.

Safelist marketing is a really simple system that works. My entire list has been built by advertising on safelists, so the "proof is in the pudding", so to speak!

You will be receiving a lot of emails from the system. Each time another member sends you an ad, it will appear as an email in your inbox. That can mean 50 - 100 emails per day from Ultimate Traffic Freedom. It can be overwhelming.

The solution to your inbox being flooded with emails is simple. You need to setup a folder for each safelist program you belong to and then use filters in your email program to automatically put the emails from the program into it's own folder. That way, they never appear in your inbox. When you need to earn credits for Ultimate Traffic Freedom, you can simply go to that folder in your email program and all the messages are there.

I showed step by step how to do setup filters and organize your inbox in a recent YouTube Video. Take the time to watch the video and setup your mailbox correctly. It will save you endless hours later.

Click to Watch Ending Email Overwhelm

You can also build your list of referrals and earn commissions by promoting your referral link to other marketers looking for the next new wave in traffic generation. You can find it in the member's area under Promotion Tools.

Click to Get Promotional Material in the Member's Area

Premium Membership also gives you 1,000 ad credits added to your account everyday. Premium Members also earn 50% commissions instead of the 25% commissions for free members.

You can purchase a Lifetime Premium Membership at this link:

Click to Upgrade to Lifetime Premium Membership

You can purchase a 90 Day Premium Membership at this link:

Click to Upgrade to 90 Day Premium Membership

You can purchase a 30 Day Premium Membership at this link:

Click to Upgrade to 30 Day Premium Membership

No matter which route you take, you will find Premium Membership to be an excellent way to more than triple your marketing power for a very small investment.

I will be sharing more tips and tricks to get the most out of your membership over the next few days. Until then remember ...

Take ACTION to Supercharge Your Success.






Webmasters, Former Victims, Potential Victims, please take note of this individual's history as per the testimony of others recorded here.





Another clone here currently being promoted:


An Innovative New System Just Launched That Earns Big Checks.


Getting signups is easy when you have a truly compelling offer on something marketers need. This NEW product replaces ClickFunnels, AWeber, Get Response, and more.  It provides all the tools for effective email list building and marketing at a single, easy to use, site.

Click Below for Info on How to Earn!





They all have the following domain:  https://offers.quickstartcoach.com



No point in listing them all here.  Sad to see this but unavoidable.

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