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I would like to share my experience with the website MLMGateway year ago. I upgraded and wanted to downgrade the next month. So they just decided to terminate my account because I did not want to be an upgraded user anymore. I did not receive any explanation about that when exchanging emails with them. Be aware

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Hi and Happy New Year!


I will tell you about my experience with WA. Once I decided to benefit from my $19 offer instead of $45 and I was very new in the business and needed good training and hopes to find a solution and my webpage to rank well. So what exactly happened was: I was charged $19 and minutes after that one time after another $1 was charged from my card 6 times, so $6 went in the wind. And only $6 because there wasnt any money in the card left. I still wonder what could have happened if I had more money. They said it was my bank, they had charged $19 only. Anyway, I had fun with the website maybe only for an hour after a message appeared that I have to renew my subscription and to pay $45 or so to use the website. WTH??? From WA said that the paypal transaction turned out to be not successful???? and was some sort of technical problem. Why the hell would you use Paypal and make additional charges?? This is something I cannot get. I spend time promoting my affiliate links with WA and I lost access to all my data because I could not longer access my member area and they suggested I pay $47 and they would have refund me to $19 so that I use the discount. In order to usee the free version, I had to create a new account. No, thanks! Bye, WA

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To be honest with you i don't think we are talking about scams in either case.  Most programs cancel you if you drop your subscription that

is the normal process they usually will not downgrade you.  In both cases they are hoping you'll want to pay anyways they don't want free

memberships.  Who does.






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