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SSL Certificate Updates Needed Here And On Other Sites


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Even though I was on the naughty list, I managed to procure a new desktop computer this Christmas and went from Windows Vista to Windows 10. Then the proverbial pooh hit the fan.


I was blocked from certain websites including this one. The website would not display and it's ssl certificate classified it as unsecured.


As I am "all thumbs" when it comes to computer stuff, I resorted to my other computer and spent several days to solve the issue unsuccessfully.


I checked the firewall. virus protection, and the browser settings (FireFox).  Tried the Chrome, Edge and Opera browsers as well.


Then I read about how the newer versions of Windows and assorted browsers had updated their security requirements and webmasters who did not update their associated ssl certificates would be blocked by these new rules of the road.


I got my answer on day 3 when it was suggested that I close my internet connection for one minute then open it so it would reset. Now I am back and can access all sites BUT I am warned about the status of each website's security settings by the symbol that appears to the extreme left of the URL "box".


If other members of websites are having this problem, contact your webmaster. I did on December 31, 2021. No answer...and do not give a f*ck anymore. Sometimes you have to throw the baby out with the bathwater and maybe the mother too.


That aside, Klara Schmidtz of Hungry For Hits Traffic Exchange had the foresight to prepare her members, in advance, for this increased security and has posted relevant information here:





and here:





Naturally if you trust an unsecured website and do not end up blocked from it, as I was, go on in but do not post credit card information, social security number, personal phone number and so on. Just the routine name, rank and serial number.  Because such a site is not encrypted and ownership is not validated leaving it open for a hacker.


I must assume my problem was resolved when I reset my computer internet connection. Nonetheless, ten days are lost and I am reassessing whether or not it was worth joining certain programs and investing time and money in them.  At the whim of a webmaster and updating a simple f*cking ssl certificate. Perhaps I should have taken up knitting or line dancing.


Hope the above is an alert for program owners and a helping hand for their members.


In the words of Phillip Esterhaus (Hill Street Blues)  "Let's Be Careful Out There"

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Just an update to whomever should read the above post.  First off, thanks to the ADMIN here for securing their certificate. Although this is a forum for posting and not a website one depends on for sending emails to, say, promote a new program launch, it was the responsible thing to do. For us.


I have since joined a new site to kill some time and I still come across the following on occasion:


Did Not Connect: Potential Security Issue

Firefox detected an issue and did not continue to ebbt.us. The website is either misconfigured or your computer clock is set to the wrong time.

It’s likely the website’s certificate is expired, which prevents Firefox from connecting securely. If you visit this site, attackers could try to steal information like your passwords, emails, or credit card details.

What can you do about it?

The issue is most likely with the website, and there is nothing you can do to resolve it. You can notify the website’s administrator about the problem.

Learn more…



The good news is if you get one of these, you still get credits for visiting the site.  Bad news is that whoever sent this wasted his/her time and credits in sending it.


Make sure whatever sites you are a member of, you are not wasting your time and credits. Check the site's certificate status that you are promoting by right clicking the padlock in the URL (extreme left in the box).


And no, does not matter which browser you use. Only if it is outdated, as was my case with Windows Vista, will it work, as it is now substandard in terms of security. 


Anyone using the latest Windows and applicable browser will be blocked from such a website.


For your security and that of the Program Owner.  You can notify her/him, but if there is no response or action taken, you have a decision to make.

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