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Marketing Checkpoint

7-Figure Launch -- Tactics of Psychological Warfare, so subtle...

Alan Findly

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The master (Carnival Barker) is making his pitch: "Join me and I'll make you rich."  

What do I have to do?  "Don't worry, you can trust me."

But the terms are never divulged


But wait:  back up.  He has you identified: "A tire kicker" if you start talking refund.  

In an underhanded, sleight-of-hand sort of way, the Barker has you pegged.  YOU.

If you EVEN THINK about a possibility of a refund, that puts you automatically in 

the group, tire kicker.


The game goes on.  And on.   And on.   As long as I allow it, the Barker is in charge:  

If I don't trust him, I'm in that despicable group.


I want to shout: NEVER.   It's never off the table  Refund.   Let's face it, it's looming 

up as my only resort, so it always must be in the background of possiblity.


But if you stay with Michael Cheney long enough, that is, if you allow him to define 

who you are in his little narrative, you will never discover what it is that is expected 

in the exchange, or non-exchange.


This is the original link:  https://secrets.abrasivism.com/geoff-bonus/secret


Did I mention to be careful?



Alan Findly


PS: Look, I do not endorse this, nor do I agree that reimbursement later takes away 

the stain of association.



#IdentityTheft - If your identity was stolen

tomorrow who would you call? ow.ly/WImcJ



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