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is there any free alternative to List Jumper?


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@billwaikiki  there are many ways you can build your list.


You can create Free Funnels Builder - like Groove.cm and Free Capture pages  - like MailChimp to build your list.  There are many popular free advertising platforms where you can create your Free Funnels and capture pages.


Give a google search with the - keyword -  Free Funnel Builder or free capture pages or free landing page builder and you will see a great list out there.

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Wow, there are tons of sites.  I started online using all free methods and checked stats on every single one to find the ones suitable for my marketing.  It took a long time until I cracked it, started earning small amounts, which accumulated and then now I buy solos as it saves me so much time.  A full list of the free sites I use are here: https://acheiving-success.co.uk/traffic-and-lead-frenzy-2023---setupthesystem

This is actually a full marketing system training which I have put together.  Feel free to take a look.  If you need anything else you can send me an email from the bottom of the page.

:) FREE DOWNLOAD ACCESS: Unlimited Promo Codes for Unlimited FREE Traffic: CLICK HERE   :) Unlimted FREE Traffic Vault Rocks!!

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