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How do you prefer to build websites/services?

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There are a number of applications that making building websites and webpages very easy. Compare them to writing code manually, having to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, etc., the time and effort saved is incredible. Recently it has become quite evident that CMS platforms, tools, and web development SaaS platforms are the way so many people will move towards, reducing the work required that would otherwise take nn-nnn hours to build from scratch.


Do you prefer to build websites/services using your proprietary code? If so, why?


Does using tools to build websites/services align more with your strategy? If so, why?

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I am programmer and I prefer to make my pages myself. I like to have full control to my code.

For the people who doesn't know programming is recommended to make their pages with a specialized application.

http://www.1001nightsmailer.com - a paid membership site which allows free members too!


http://www.pizzasafelistmailer.com - my first safelist mailer site!

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I personally have chosen the path of utilizing advanced software applications and other platforms to build everything from capture pages to websites that will generate an income stream online. I would absolutely agree with the coming age of Saas platforms, CMS platforms and tools to get ahead of the curve of what is to come relating to marketing and advertising. Here are a couple that I have aligned with; ARP (Auto Recruiting Platform) http://autorecruitingplatform.com/thariches4all which has so many awesome components to it , to list them all would take up an entire page, but trust me the SMS technology alone is well worth a look. The second one is ClickFunnels http://ow.ly/KUHSb and this one is so incredible you have to watch the video and you will certainly want to add this tool to your advertising and marketing arsenal. Thanks for sharing Matt and Paul, best of the best to you!


Lee McCormick

Certified Q-Partner



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Guest mrclean0325

i learned html in 1997 or so i still prefer even after wordpress came on the scene.  Its way more fun to hack out a site fight with hackers on wordpress.

I agree! I prefer to program my own. It is SO much quicker to make and edit on my computer and just upload a file...at least for me. There are too many moving parts in a CMS to break and cause issues.

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Which ever method you prefer when building your sites, remember this one thing:  The person viewing your site for the first time is looking at it from two basic perspectives. The conscious level (what will this site do for me?  Is it just hype? Can I trust this admin?) and the subconscious level (the emotional level).  Or said in a more memorable way:  "Emotions Are Stronger Than Intellect" [Jerry Levine]

There are two ways to face the future. One way is
with apprehension; the other is with anticipation  .

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