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Glen Palo

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Hi Glen,


I found this review on it that pretty much sums it up. 



It looks decent, but if you keep buying each level up to $500 plus monthlies that's an insane amount of output for only getting a little training

and the same system to promote. Definitely overpriced for what you're paying for, it is just designed to make money and not provide value.

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Actually Lead Lightning is a scaled down version of Priceless Possibilites Power Lead System.


The Lead:Lightning product was conceived after the members of PLS asking for a funded proposal system to be put into place.


When you upgrade to either silver or the gold level you are actually getting a full Power Lead System account not just the Lead Lightning program.


Yes, there is an MLM element added into the PLS system but you don't have to participate in that if you don't want.


The Power Lead System is an excellent autoresponder service with lots of really cool features that neither Aweber or GetResponse offers.


I've been with PLS for just about a year now and I can tell you first hand their inbox rate is far superior to Aweber or GetResponse mostly because they don't allow importing of lists and all lists are double optin meaning when you get a subscriber you're definitely getting higher quality leads.


Anyway, I hope this helps you understand more about what the Lead Lightning program is about and why you should take a more indepth look at it and not focus on the MLM opportunity that is again not a requirement.

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@redha39 - That's also my opinion. Now I only participate in Lead Lightning itself ($7 one time) and joined for two reasons: it was included in downline building program as leading program and I wanted to explore different feeder, funnel or "funded proposal" systems to get the best ideas for my own program.


I've promoted it for some time and made some good money to my surprise. I don't know if I'l go further, I'm involved pretty heavily with AIOP that has most or even all that Power Lead System has. My main gain was experience.

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Exactly affordwealth. Lead Lightning is just a feeder system or funded proposal to your main business. I've barely promoted it and made several sales into it and even gotten two upgrades into PLS from it. And yes, AIOP is another all in one system like PLS.


How are your inbox and open rates with AIOP? I've considered joining that as well but finding real reviews that aren't just promotional come-ons is almost impossible as in anything in IM.

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Its nice to read reviews of a product that don't have a bunch of hardcore bashing that is so often the case, even if the opinion isn't a positive one, it's nice to see constructive, mature and professional criticism. Great review and explanation of a fantastic company. Thnx guys.

The 10K Challenge is the easiest to follow step-by-step training system and funnel that you've ever seen. Just give it a chance it is completely free there are no upgrades available in this. There is a downline builder of over 60 top mailers, many with promo codes to ensure you start strong with tons of advertising. The 2 Phase Video Training containing 4 levels of clear step by step training and support is unlike any of the others. You'll see the difference and power the minute you login. You'll be impressed and excited.

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Referral Link 'A'
(Promote Lead Lightning)
Referral Link 'B'
(Promote Lead Lightning & Your Primary Business)

Before using 'Referral Link B', please enter your website below: 

Enter your company personal link http://www.fourcornersalliancegroup.com/?a=ashoo  
For example:  www.ABCompany.com/username

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I have been in Lead Lightning since April (2015) and have

never looked back! It is by FAR the best money maker 

I've been in since 1995. 


I joined at the one time $7 level in the beginning, mostly

due to the great value you get for that price. (You get

a lead generating funnel; autoresponder/capture

page all ready to promote-nothing on your part to do).


Upsells? Sure...BUT only if you want to!! IT IS NOT required.


I didn't upgrade to Silver until I had TWO members below

me that DID! I LOST that income ($30 monthly).


After upgrading to Silver...LOL....I then

had TWO members below me who upgraded

to Gold! I then LOST those two MONTHLY commissions

at $40 a month:-(


I then upgraded to Gold lol.


Guess what? I then had

more sign ups come in...BUT....FOUR of them

purchased the Diamond package... 


You guessed it! I LOST FOUR $100 commissions!!!!!

(The Diamond package is a ONE time $147 cost).


NOW I'M A DIAMOND member lol...... B)


Is this a scam? Ha!! NOPE!!


Let me close with this:

As a marketer since 1995...I know how to get

referrals. As a result of that...I advertise

for my personally sponsored SILVER & GOLD



Yep! Join at the $7 & then upgrade and send

me your link...within 12 hours, marketing

will begin via my rotator. (BOTH free & PAID



OR....get your feet wet and join at the

one time $7 level. You will STILL get

my free set up and marketing guide, as well

as my blog.


I'm here to HELP!



Warmest Regards,

John Lederer

Marketer since 1995

Online since 2000

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Well, Lead Lightning is a great tool. I believe this is design for those people looking for affordable  marketing system for their home business or network marketing. I buy this just to test if the funnel is working. I try to create a video and add a banner on my blog and I receive more than 20 leads and 1 sale. 


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The bottom line for me is learn a little (very little) HTML to create your own page, hook it to the AIOP responder for ten bucks, use the included rotator to feed referrals to your own referrals and it builds your list and income just like it always has, Since your referrals are already making money, they almost never quit.


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I am paying $53.97 a month for a gold membership. Been in profit ever since and

get paid every Wednesday. 

Thanks for your response, but it's a little out of my range. I did need to learn a few simple skills, but I do the same thing for $10 a month now and people don't quit to avoid the monthly payment. I wish you continued success.


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I agree with Edwal, I joined Lead Lightning more than a year ago, made some money with it and got some very good buyer leads from it.

Now about the Gold membership - I've looked at a couple of feeders, liked them a lot. They used full Power Lead System as an engine. At first I didn't like the cost and was considering to build similar feeders with my other tools. Pretty soon I've discovered that the time needed to put it together would cost me much more than $54 a month.

So I've upgraded. PLS has some flaws, but the main benefit is that they have it all tied together. If you just want to clone somebody's funnel, you get the code and will have everything workeing in half an hour.

I never promoted PLS separately, just Lead Lightning, but lately the response to Lead Lightning went down dramatically. Considering that the feeders I use have PLS as a necessary part, PLS got promoted very much by itself. It doesn't cost me any money anymore.

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