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In need of solid advice

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Over the years, since 2008, I've dabbled with safelists and TE's, but didn't dig in very deep because they seemed less effective.  But recently my resources have dried up so I no longer have the option of paying for advertising.  So I decided to take a serious look at safelists, TE's and similar tools.


The advice I need is what's the best way to utilize sites like these?  Keep in mind that I cannot upgrade at any of them, it has to be all non-paid for now, until things pick up enough that I can upgrade - which is what I would definitely do when I can.


Reading credit mails to gain enough credits to send enough mail is taking almost all of my available marketing time.  There is no time left to create a product, self-educate on the latest this & that, do other things that need to be done... and I really need to see some results, some conversions, some sales!


Safelist marketing isn't my only option for free advertising, I know that.  But I feel it's a good option, and feel that it can work for me if I know how to work it.


So... any hot tips & tricks from the more experienced safelisters out there?

Taking another kick at the can, because I can.

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I have a video I created which shows what I do with safelists:



For the most part, even though these are free you need to either spend a lot of time earning credits or some money to save you some time.. but you want to be consistent and be seen repeatedly by the other members, it will increase your results.

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We could tell you... but then we would have to kill you :ph34r:


I don't know if there are any real "secrets".  Nothing you couldn't figure out on your own with lots of trial and error.


My best advice is to remember who you are advertising to by making sure your safelist ads are targeted towards safelist users.


I do have an ebook I wrote about safelist marketing.


You can download it here:



Hope that helps :)

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I was taught that it is best to aim for a downline so that you gain extra credits from their surfing....so,  to promote traffic exchanges first to get downlines. Then to move on to promoting your product, otherwise you have got to rely on SEO or Facebook or something like that....but I am a newbie.......

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Thanks Darren and Jerry (and thank you Jerry for sparing my life this time). Just got home from a road trip, so I'll review the materials first chance I get.


Celia, good post!  I hadn't given much thought to that aspect of it all.  There's so much to keep track of in this game.  So yes, I'll focus a little more on downlines like you say.  Thanks!

Taking another kick at the can, because I can.

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