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IBO Toolbox is a great site and the only one of its kind in my opinion offering these kinds of tools to get your message out, build your brand, promote your websites, build your social networks, meet people, build your brand, etc, etc.


And it's all free.


And by using the site (writing articles, posting videos, commenting on the community board, commenting on other members' posts, etc) you can earn advertising credits for various sizes of banner ads that you can post all over the site..


You can also buy additional advertising if you want for very low cost.

The 10K Challenge is the easiest to follow step-by-step training system and funnel that you've ever seen. Just give it a chance it is completely free there are no upgrades available in this. There is a downline builder of over 60 top mailers, many with promo codes to ensure you start strong with tons of advertising. The 2 Phase Video Training containing 4 levels of clear step by step training and support is unlike any of the others. You'll see the difference and power the minute you login. You'll be impressed and excited.

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Been a member for a long time. It's a good place...



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I should probably qualify my earlier comment:


The site is pretty interesting. I have had sales marketing through them. I guess I don't spend enough time there to get the results I had hoped for. They offer free advertising which, to me is a pretty important thing on a shoe string budget. :-)

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For a while I was almost certain that every time I used IBO for advertising I would get a few sales. However, now that I am actually using the network more, and focusing on my tracking/measuring, this does not seem to be the case after all. Of course there are a number of factors why that might be...


All the same, I do find IBO to be very useful. There are tons of tools and training to take advantage of, especially if you are just starting out on a tiny budget.   If harnessed appropriately it is a great place to get a lot of exposure for your business. The members are a great encouragement too.


It might be a good place to work as a team - maybe???

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I can recommend many things, but there are only a few things I can recommend with confidence.

Always looking for quality...

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Yes, I've recently joined IBO Toolbox. I find it a serious platform to showcase the opportunities and interact with like minded fellow marketers. 

I believe, one can generate quality traffic by contributing content in the form of PR's and posts to the platform(which I think is seo friendly), which I think will help in getting quality prospects to any business.

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I received a call from someone who claimed to be associated with IBO ToolBox, they were claiming that if I worked with them they could get me ranked on the first pages of Google. I tried to pin them down to give me information proving who they were and they could not comply.

I doubt they were with IBO ToolBox and were trying to scam me. Be aware and cautious with this type of call, with all that is going on this type of scam will increase.

The best way to get on Google pages is to work hard and promote.

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I think IBO Toolbox is a very underrated platform for networking and although I don't use it all the time I do find it to be a good way to meet and network with other marketers. I just opened up the site and will be looking to promote our brand new cybernetic technology today. This software is our new proprietary technology just released to the public on August 15th, 2015. If you or any business builder you know would like to view our demo or would like to apply to become a reseller. Go here >>> https://automatedsalesintelligence.com/thariches4all



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Hi Kari,


Thanks for the post about IBOToolbox . I have used this platform from time to time and think now that I have read this post will return there and see what more they have to offer me. I do quite a bit of marketing online these days, whether it is to promote myself as an artist http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/lee-mccormick.html or when I'm sharing my teambeachbody health and fitness business http://challenge.gettingfittogether.com/tharichesbody/the-challenge/. I also help other marketers with traffic generation as a certified partner with High Traffic Academy which is the foremost authority on advertising, conversions and sales online today. Who knows, you perhaps may know someone interested in becoming a Super Affiliate? http://9nl.pw/f34m If I can be of any service please feel free to connect with me here or on Facebook okay * Blessings  :)

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Same old same old  i think it is kind of old fashion social media group but have good amount of active members

Results not that great  but if you like you can make it happen there

Everything start from a relationship

P.S.I got Up to 80% Optin Rate with this Targeted Traffic


Opportunity to get online biz opp leads to your biz   ;)


Everything starts from A My Online start free Course-Leave95

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I tried their ads and it sucked big time i'm telling you!

But what works for me, tho i don't do a thing with my account anymore is contacting my "friends" (i have over 2k ifi recall)


I created a software which contact your friends so like once a week, i sent a message to all of them with my offers (free/paid) along with valuable tips and tricks.

Maybe i shouldn't have stopped  lol ?

We will blast your offer at no cost if you join our team!

LG offers and any other particular future income streams!



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