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How Do You Track Your Offline Marketing Results?

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How do you all go about tracking the successes (and failures)

of your offline marketing materials.  I'm referring to the likes of:


  • Flyers
  • Business cards
  • Phone calls
  • Vehicle advertising
  • Bulletin boards, ect.


This of course is assuming that you do track this

form of advertising.  Thank you, guys.





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You can track offline marketing various ways. If you're wanting people to call a phone number that's in your ad, you can get a phone number from Google (or any number of places) and track how many calls you get. At one point I had several toll-free numbers that I used in my marketing. I can't remember the name of the company I got them from - it's been awhile. 


Now if you're sending people to a website, you can get a specific domain for each advertising campaign you're running.


Another thing you can do is put a code on the flyer and when you create your lead capture page, have a place on there for a code. You can even offer your prospects a free gift for inputting the code from their flyer to the lead capture page.


Those are the simple ways to track your offline marketing efforts.

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The timing for your off line marketing can also have an influence on its effectiveness. If you are using phone calls, I would not recommend calling people when they are settling down to dinner or just getting home from work. I can tell you from experience that is very annoying.

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Guest mrclean0325

I have had some decent luck using a QR code with a tracked link. A simple, "Interested in making money at home on your computer?" type thing with a QR code. It does require printing out specific ones for whatever location and making different tracking links for each one. Just don't drop them and mess up your order! The nice thing is you can change the site if you need to without having to replace the flyer and you also know when one stops if it had been buried or removed.

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