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Firefox crashing


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I have experienced issues with browsers, this isn't necessarily always the browser though need to be a technician unless you are just going to switch on your browser and use what is available without making any changes to your computer. Using as a user basically. Even as practice, you need to know what browser will support lots of tabs open, media programs, settings that make this light and security on your computer. I have spent the last 12 months with issues that I thought were my browser and my downloads and 75% of my problems, I think were due to my provider; possibly due to keeping the network secure......


I will add you as a friend and you can message me and I will help if I can, to resolve this. I am using this site quite frequently at the moment so can answer you quickly.

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Guest Paul Nulty

Fifrefox has been a pain in the bahookie for me lately, I love the features, but it seems to crash a lot these days, not sure why (yet) will let you know if I find a fix.

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i cleaned my computer out with wisecare365 wow give it a  try you may see a big difference its free and all you need.   But You can upgrade if you want

superantispyware will clean your browsers of all cookies and stuff and footprints its also good and free and all you need it also has a upgrade but you 

don't need to upgrade either of them.






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