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Were to get free targeted traffic


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Start a blog and use a service like Jaxxy or Moz to find low competition high or moderate traffic search terms related to your product or industry and write articles to fit them. Learn how to use Wordpress on a self hosted domain name through a reliable host like PBSaver.com or BlueHost, both have plans around $3.50 to $4 a month, PB offers more power and features for around $3.50 per month and under $7 for a .com domain with hosting purchase. BlueHost offers less power and cost 50 cents more per month but they include the domain name in the cost.


Learn to write good to great articles and fill in the spots with content curating which is basically writing a post like the large number you see like, "Top 10 Articles About Blogging 2016". for publications in your niche. Write a bit about why you like the article, copy and past an excerpt, link the title and a read more link to the original article site and name the author where possible. Do the same for any images and videos used to break up the text, and you can not just gain traffic for your current business but you can start building a list, monetize it with affiliate program offers, and even put Google Adsense on the site for even more earnings.

Andy Zeus Anderson


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Youtube. The fact you can upload videos for free and you can get listed in google in about ten minutes makes it tough to beat.


Combine that with the fact video converts so well, especially social media traffic.


I've had sales coversions run as high as 35% from free youtube traffic that was ultra niche specific.


I've made low production value, talking head videos that have made me thousands...

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Top FREE traffic methods are:blogging, video marketing (YouTube), and social marketing. These three methods help you build trust and credibility  a lot faster than other marketing methods. Also with blogging and video marketing, your content will bring you leads years down the road if you optimized your content right.

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Hey guys my question is where on the web can i get high quality free targeted traffic??



Assuming you are trying to promote online programs, there are some places you can promote free.  One is Million Leads for Free 


You can also get thousands of Free credits in Traffic Exchanges and Safe Lists, for one time payment of $10.00 - Truckloads of Ads 


Another source of traffic is Leased Ad Space - One time $7.00 gives you Banner, Text and solo ads.  Your Solo Ad will be turned into a mini blog which will be ranked by Google.  You also earn 100% instant commission.  


I hope this helps. 

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Traffic from LEADSLEAP is highly targetted and it's FREE.


Your ads are displayed across thousands of websites and only use credits when they are clicked. You earn credits by viewing other people's sites, but LEADSLEAP is unique in that you are rewarded with more credits the longer you view a site, not by viewing as many sites as possible.


So because people can choose to view only sites which interest them, and because it pays to linger on those sites and really have a good look at them, you know your traffic is not only targeted but also high quality.

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I been using these sources below....






Traffic Exchanges


Social Media


If your interested in learning what specific ones that im using please visit my blog have a post there....."Gain More Website Visitors Using These Sources", To get to my blog click the link in my signature...

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The answer...EVERYWHERE.


If you have not already, please start blogging about your niche.


This method can be free...and it will provide you with years of steady traffic.


The more you educate other's on your niche, the more targeted traffic the 

resulting SEO will provide you and your website.


Start blogging today  :) 

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