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Advice, Input and Opinions Please..


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Hello everyone,


I was hoping to get some input from all who can offer their help


advice, opinions and or services to make some improvements to


my website I'm putting together


find it here: WebNetBizPro.com


I anxiously await your responses...




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Guest mrclean0325



Here are some of my observations and suggestions...please take these to heart and they are not an attack on you or your site.


The site doesn't seem to have a "focus". A blog for business is supposed to get traffic to funnel into your business. Either for clicking through to a sales page or building your list. There is neither of those I can see on the site.


The About page needs to be juiced up a bit too. It should sell what ever your site is focused on. Right now it is selling you as someone (among the thousands of others online) "trying" to make IM work. Not a real good reason to read the blog or come back. So how are you going to show them "Real Opportunities, For Real Income" when you tell them you aren't making any? Know what I mean? You don't want to lie, but you need to give people a reason to read and come back. Something like "I am on a journey to create an online income using the paths others have blazed to do the same..." or something along those lines.


The process for most blogs is to build your list, send notices when you have a new post, the readers go to your blog, starts to build traffic and notice with search engines, rinse and repeat. You will usually build the list in Safelist and TEs to then funnel the traffic to the blog for the sales to happen. Some use a strategy to write reviews on products and send your list subscribers to the reviews with your affiliate links in them.


The reviews section is a good idea, but there is nothing there. This would be a good place to put a thorough review of your programs with the pros and cons. People will come to see reviews more than anything. I am not sure why the main page articles are not showing up in the "Article" menu. The header needs to have something catchy there, the black is too, um, bland. Some kind of graphic or photo to grab attention.


You may want to move the ads to a page called "Opportunities" or something like that. This is all going to depend on what your focus for the blog is going to be. Too many ads distract the reader and makes it too easy to lose them. If you look at popular blogs, every ad is focused and brings them back to what the theme of the site is. Unless your focus is getting ad clicks, then the strategy will be a bit different. If you want to focus on ads, you should use CPA ads in the theme of the blog to generate more income than other types of ads.


In general, a "general" theme or focus of a blog is harder to rank than a "micro-niche". A strategy that has shown successful is to have a variety of different blogs on micro topics. Like "How to make money with Prosperity Marketing System" and have a bunch of articles about how to market and use the system. When people search for the topic, you will rank higher because you are not fighting a huge amount of keywords. If they are looking for information about a topic, like looking into "Prosperity Marketing", they will find your site easier than others who have no focus on this topic.


You have a good start to a successful blog with a little sprucing up. Personally, I have made more money writing content and such for bloggers than I ever made with a blog myself. Hope this helps!

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That's what I'm looking for mrclean..

your comments, suggestions and insights are well put and are accepted. I realize that it was not at all where I want it to be, I want get input to see exactly where I am and which direction I needed to take it. A lot of it's content is still in the works and some of the points you hit on such as the About page has some work still to be done on it. I welcome any other comments you may have and hope I can get your comments on it after I make some improvements.



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Guest mrclean0325



I never know what I will get when critiquing someones site (at least when they aren't paying me to...even then it is sometimes hairy) as some people take things "personally" and it sometimes doesn't end up well.


As long as you work towards your blog being a very long copy, content filled, "AD" for something, you will be on the right track. My best suggestion is to find a popular and successful blog in the area you want and EMULATE it. Dissect it to see WHY people come to it and what kind of people. Analyze everything about it so you can use the "essence" of it in your blog. Sure you may find the odd post every so often, but most of the good ones are focused on one thing which is what attracts their audience. It will all usually come back to the quality of content, what the posts are about and how informative and entertaining they are. How valuable the information is to the readers....it is ALL about the readers and very little about you as far as initial contact goes.


I would be more than happy to see your changes and let you know what my thought are.

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Hi vhicks,


Remember, the main thing that you need to do is generate traffic to your site.


You can have the greatest site on the net but if you don't drive traffic to it the site will die.


You can have one of the worst looking site on the net and if you drive enough traffic to it the site will be a success! 


Don't waste time trying to get your site perfect before you start promoting it.


The KEY is driving enough traffic to your site daily!

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