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I have tried a few of these pie in the sky easy money and most just use you to advertise their link but when it comes to payment there are always hoops to jump through before you see any money. When i have asked people if they actually got paid i haven't found any. I try and stay away from these sites because i never got paid yet. Most of these type of admins don't respond anyway.

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Off the webpage:  "We guarantee you that you will earn 100$ in your first week!"


That's my first red flag.


Sounds like you get paid for pasting your affiliate link all over the Internet but where does the

money come from to pay you?  I'm assuming this is a free program.

In fact, I put the link on my website to try and have reached $ 100 in two weeks and then I tried to contact the site but I never got no answer ...

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I got involved with one of these sites some time ago. Built up my clicks, did everything they told me to do. When I tried to cash out, nothing. I had four cash out requests with them and no payment. I contacted their admin and got a nasty remark about being patient and that I would get paid when it was my turn. Still nothing. I stopped having anything to do with them after that. Ironically enough they are still around scamming people.

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