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Can you keep up with surfing? I can!

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Since I am owner of a traffic exchange I joined a lot of TEs to promote my own mainly because I strongly believe in branding and in traffic funneling. But I do want to promote some TEs, Safelists and other programs as well to build downlines that will generate credits and affiliate commissions. For that reason I created the SBT coffee mug themed downline builder that has over 200 popular programs listed. I am promoting my personal url on other exchanges and safelists. The great thing about this downlinebuilder is that people can join under me even if they do not join the downlinebuilder just my clicking on a mug listing. I made sure that I have filled out all downlinebuilders in mugged programs as well. This way I need very few credits promoting my secondairy programs. You can have your personal downline builder page also. It is free and it is not mandatory to join surf-bar-traffic (allthough I hope you do). Marketing Checkpoint is also mugged. If you are a program owner you can buy a mug listing for 99 a year. Its affordable handsfree promotion.

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Building Downlines in Traffic Exchange is by far the most efficient way to use them.. I get 10k hits to my primary rotator every day from sites I don't own and haven't bought credits in over 6 months... those credits didn't come out of thin air, they came from having referrals
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Building downlines is definitely nice. I try to fill out downline builders in the traffic exchanges and safelists. Some downline builders are better targeted to me than others.


I didn't always understand the downline builders and used to leave them all blank. I sure have noticed a difference once filling them in :-)



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I agree, Paula Frye! Things have really started to pick up for me since I stopped ignoring all of the downline builders! I still ignore a few...or I don't always feel like I have to sign up to EVERY site now, which is what I did in the beginning... but they work!


And thanks for sharing your personal results John... we newer folks do need to hear stories like that every once and a while to stay inspired. Mailer Ninja has, by far, been the best unintentional downline builder for me so far. I even won a referral contest at another site just from Mailer Ninja referrals that signed up under me!


Paula Van Dun, I will definitely check out your program. I have a friend who has a similar program that I've been meaning to check out as well...so I really need to set aside some time for that. Thanks for sharing :)

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Fill out your downline builders and pace yourself on a daily basis. 


Find a fair number of sites that you are willing to surf,

and hit that mark each day.  25, 50, 100...just commit to it.


But I find that the key is to do this across multiple traffic exchanges.


Don't get comfortable with the same 4-6 TEs.


It's much better to brand yourself across at least 10 of them

viewing even just 25 sites (at each exchange) per day.


This is more efficient than viewing 200 sites at your favorite six exchanges.


Brand yourself in as MANY as possible.


When I first started I stuck to just a handful of exchanges.


But folk need to see you (and your offers everywhere).

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Good way to increase your exposure across more sites are coops... You can surf only your favorite exchanges, show the coop rotator there and get exposure from a lot of exchanges from other peoples coop rotator on those sites...

It is also a great way of getting more traffic from many exchanges with just a single upgrade in the Coop

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