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  • 3 weeks later...

Considering I had a cashout at trafficroyall from Feb of 2016 an d there were no replies to any of my few support tickets, I have no idea if he had paid anyone in a long time.

Actually I had gotten paid after that from atimicmailer and trafficmagician after that, but I was upgraded pon both at the time.

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  • 1 month later...

I try to check on sites like this before I join them. I have been burned in the past by sites that claim high returns for my clicking efforts. None of them have ever paid. I learned the hard way that many of them were owned by the same scammers. I tend to believe it is always better to check on scam warning sites first.

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So bad. He was banning honest members a year before already, just after they reached payout, and then not answering his support tickets. His trick was to pay selectively so that he would have members to vouch for him "being a paying admin". When I even think of this owner I see red.

Clare , this is exactly what happened with me at Wild Hog hits

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Not only not paying but he also stole member's referrals.  Its just his bad luck that he stole me from my task owner.  I click at the link, then register and confirm  that my task owner is my referrer.  The problem is my task owner did not see  me as his referral.  I sent ticket to him and ask who is my upline and his answer is  " I am"


So I deleted my account there..

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