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What are the Best Traffic Exchanges with Fast Timers?

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I would really like to see some opinions on this. I do surf some traffic exchanges, but I prefer to surf them one or two at a time.


Which ones with fast timers have you found to be most effective -- even if you have to upgrade to get the fast timer.






Internet Marketer from Indiana, USA. 

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I'm in Traffic Fugitive and Surf Skeleton. Surf Skeleton is really fast if you are pro.


Sean, I know what you mean about the debate. lol It sure did get heated there for awhile. I grabbed the lifetime in Traffic Swirl awhile back. I'm glad to hear you like it, too!


Matt, that is a really good question. I was thinking of response rate when I wrote the post, but now that you said it, user experience is a big issue, too. I have tried some traffic exchanges that I really disliked. It doesn't matter how fast it is ... if you don't like surfing it you aren't going to do it.






Internet Marketer from Indiana, USA. 

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eeehh idk it seems like we have two different areas of people, Those that care about results and getting optins building a list and selling products and services and then the group that wants to make money just from surfing as much as they can via rewards and prizes. The issue is trying to find that middle ground where members still feel rewarded for their time (that don't care about building a list etc) and those who want conversion rates.


For myself it is all about conversion rates I have a business to run here and well branding ok but id rather brand myself via my emails and my products instead of thousands of credits just to keep my site in rotation per day. But everyone has their own goals and agenda.

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I usually surf Traffic Exchanges in groups of 8 to 10. I divide them in groups with a more or less equal timer, so that I can surf them fast. And rotate the groups of exchanges, although I have some that I surf almost every day. All that matters to me is earning credits and spending those credits so that I get the most opt-ins and signups. That being said, I spend much more time viewing and sending emails, works best for me, but I also have my sites in rotation at a boat load of traffic exchanges (usually upgraded to save time).

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I Get Best Results Overall in the ones where I chat, surf and Buy Credits...

Since People Like to know who you are more then the pages you promote

sometimes... So the chat, profile ad up the results very much...


I Love Hits (better then ever 4 me)

Traffic Swirl


Thumbvu (needs more Hits But easier to get em if you surf as well)

Legacy is a Fairly New TE that climb The Ladder


Then we have ...

Tezak Traffic Power

List Surfing (hybrid TE, Mailer)


TE's In General Needs a Lot more Hits Then Mailers

to Get results from but if you can do the combo

Surf, chat and Buy credits You will see some gr8

results if You stand out with your Pages...


Be Nice out there...

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Paula, you bring up an interesting debate.....

as Sean said "Oh no, not this again..." (paraphrase).


There is some VERY different opinions when it comes

to surf timers and traffic exchanges. There are some

that like short and quick timers, and there are others

that are more interested in the surf ratio.


Sean brings up a good point about TrafficSwirl, this is one

of my favorite TEs because of its level of captivity. You

will find that people are more likely to be viewing your

page when advertising on Swirl. This is because of the pure

number of contests, tournaments and games that John has

on his sites. There are people that click up to 11 thousand

times in a day. This means that they have little time to

multi-tab surf, so your page probably won't end up in a

background tab.


Having so many competitions and games does have its downfall.

As Sean also pointed out, you need to find the middle ground.

It does you no good if you are only advertising to people who

are looking to win a surfing competition. This is where you just

must track your results and see which sites work well for you.




For myself, I am a multi-tab surfer. I surf at least 5 sites at

a time, and many times more than that. When multi-tab surfing

I am not neccesarily worried about the surf timer, but more worried

about the ratio. For this reason I want to get as many page views

per click as possible. This is one reason that EasyHits4U excels.

Sure, it has a 20 second timer, but I only have to click it once

to get one page view. I set my tabs up in order, so that I only go

to EasyHits4u once every 20 seconds, and I have optimized my workload.


There are many people that view multi-tab surfing as bad. What I mean

is that they think that you are doing a disservice by not viewing every

ad that pops up in every traffic exchange. I am sorry..... I am an

advertiser and not a shopper. This is where surfers must determine

what they are online for, and maximize their efforts thusly.


I also tend to surf Groups of sites at once to get the most bonuses.

My favorites is Power Surf Central which is comprised of RealHits4U,

DragonSuf, HitsSafari, and Soaring4Traffic. The bonuses for surfing

200 a day for the majority of a month is immense.


Also, the bonuses available for other PSC sites is great too. You can

often find 100% bonuses when surfing a PSC site along with the main PSC sites.

To do this, you need to keep the 4 main sites logged in and surfing to get

the bonuses at the other sites, but then you can click the main sites only

once every 10 minutes or so to keep them active, while focusing on the sites

that have larger bonuses. Often the main PSC sites have good bonuses which

makes them worthwhile, but sometimes its only 10% or so. In that case,

I tend to focus on the larger bonus sites.


If you are going to surf PSC sites, do it consistently for one month,

to get the bonus credits. This will give you plenty to use for the coming


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Another question .....

Is lower timers always better?

Is there a point at when the timer is too low?



Maryanne has a site where you are rewarded credits

even before you view the page. In this scenario,

how much advertising worth are you getting?

Are you better off with a site that keeps people

on your page for 10 seconds?


I have heard the debate from both sides. Some say

that if you don't grab their attention in 3 seconds

that you never will, and others say that sometimes

it takes longer. I find the sites where the timer

counts down only on the active front page to be

extremely useful advertising.

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This is totally a trick question - many traffic exchanges have totally seperate markets and can get completely different types of response from the same ad.


Either one of two things would be your best bet imo - one is to just pick one, and cater to it, and the other would be to try a ton of them and see which your ad works best at..


Honestly the first option is more effective in my experience..



As far as the timer debate which seems to never end... you have three seconds, this has been researched to death it's not a theory it's a fact.. if you can't capture the attention in three seconds they are gone.. stretching the timer out just means now they are going to get distracted and do something else..


The longer time will cause a small segment of people to stare at your page longer because they are board, this could in theory cause increased results due to the fact that they are staring at it for so long, but the difference I'd suspect is undedectable..


I seem to get about the same results from certain ads regardless the timer speed, there's a massive list of things that come in to play on the ad's effectiveness long before the timer do, and really it's our job as advertisers to try and increase our targeting to who we're advertising to, rather than the site trying to change it's market to fit our ads.. meaning you aren't going to go to Comcast and tell them that they need to change the ScyFy channel to only show Sports so that your Sports related ad performs better there..

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I think the profile is extremely important on the traffic exchanges.

That makes me think of Traffic Swirl because my sites are always shown on my profile there. That was actually why I decided to upgrade in that one (plus the super fast timer).


I wish ThumbVu would show our sites on the profile. If they did, that would be another of my very favorites.


Internet Marketer from Indiana, USA. 

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They have a new one that I used for the first time that is getting me a great deal of results call Traffic2Prosperity, they have this blast, which happened to me today and gave me about 300 additional hits without credit.


I should be able to explain it better later, but it happens everyday and there is a count down to it AND it just blasts you traffic. I do not know yet, what effect it has on conversions, but I like the idea.


The timer is low, and they have rich surf rewards!

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Hi Paula & Peeps,


My problem is I have too many favorites (LOL).


But in answer to fast timers I've really taken a liking to John Novak's ListBuildSurf.com with it's 3 second surf. TopGradeSurf.com also has a 3 second timer and is a nice site.


In reality though I tend to do more tabbed surfing so I prefer sites with a 6-8 second timer. For those my faves are HitSafari and Traffic-Splash.


Although technically not a traffic exchange, the 4 second timer at BucketsOfBanners is a hoot for me. Fun to see just banners (so I'm a little strange, okay?).


Happy Surfing,


Ernie G

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With no doubt it is HitLeap. This program it is considered the first in several expert "Traffic Exchange" lists that tested more than 50 programs. See some details and stats in my post placed today.

And it is is free if you want to test it before upgrading (the prices are ridiculous considering the benefits you have. Just an example, the newxt level after the free is Premium Lite and cost you just 3 euros per month (paid by PayPal, visa, etc.).


If you want to give them a try, please visit my website at www.domainsinternational.com and go to "networkmarketing" webpage (marked with a "new" button at the front page, left side. You will find the banner of HitLeap.


Kind regards



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One of my subscribers told me she didn't like the bouncing surfbar (rotating up and down the screen) and a quicker timer was better. I took her advise, and found I have more surfers. Thanks Monica! It's self serving to say I like my own, so I will pick Traffic Swirl and I love the direction Thumbvu went. It's now a favorite as well.
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