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What Motivates You?

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Hi John,


That's an interesting question. I have never really thought of that before, but everyone has something that motivates them to take action.


My main motivation is needing website traffic, and the faster I can get it the better. I actually prefer surfing one traffic exchange at a time, so I love the ones with fast timers. For example, on your Traffic Swirl I like to make sure I have the 4 second timer. That way I am not waiting at one site for much time.


I like the social aspect, too. It makes me feel like I'm not alone while I'm working even if I'm not being active in the chat.




Internet Marketer from Indiana, USA. 

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Getting traffic motivates me most and are the motivation to surf mainly. I am member of quit a few but there are only a few I surf regularly. I explore TEs to see in what ways the can help me to earn credits faster. I always set up a profile when i can and fill out the downline builder in most. I don't care much for stickers, points or badges or individual surf parties. I like features similar as commandosurf and nerd surf.

Additionally surfing sites is one of sources for inspiration to create new graphics. Ofcourse I never copy those but I keep notes about why I liked a graphic and why I clicked through. Additionally chats in TEs are great to make new contacts

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I use to surf an hour plus a day and still do from time to time, but if there is an option to buy credits where the price isn't too high, then I prefer to do that.


I only have so many hours each day that I have to make sure the time I spend on each task is worth it. When I do surf, I like to have 3 browsers going at one time for 3 different TE sites. Chrome for one site, Firefox for another, and IE or Opera on a third. I'm sure there are even better ways to surf but I am mostly concerned with not breaking rules and keeping my accounts in good standing. ;)

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Keeping my focus set on owning my time.  Ultimately the goal is to retire LONG

before my government expects me to.  Also, to retire long before my body

begins to break down - because you cannot expect to chase money forever.


That's what employees do.


I am always reminding myself that it's not millionaire status that I am after

(although that MAY be a good thing), but having all the time and resources

to help the less fortunate.


It's time that we take back our most valuable asset.

It's time that we take back the leverage (from employers).

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the following motivates me :


I want to see all the latest development happening in the Internet


I can come across some interesting sites, it usually happens


I want to promote my program 


I can get some good offers, like new launch etc.,


I wish to succeed online, so traffic exchanges are important players as of now.


plus fun ....

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You know, I admire people who roll up their sleeves and surf everyday.  It's something at this point in my internet marketing career just can't, or rather "won't" do anymore.  I don't know if it's laziness or what, but if that particular exchange offers the ability to buy credits then I would MUCH rather do that.  


Just to be clear though, I DO respect people who click as without the clickers, the TE concept wouldn't even work.

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From a surfers perspective, what motivates you to log in and surf every day?


Hi John,


To see what others are promoting and getting advertising credits to promote my own offers.


The problem for me is spending money on everything that I see that looks good.


Can you make money from Safelist, Traffic Exchanges, and etc...? Just Ask me! They make a lot of money from me.

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