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Has anyone used Yellow Brick Mailer? I decided to join them around 2 months ago because after reading what they offered, it seemed to be a good investment in time, advertising, and money. My first 2 days I started bringing in referrals and creating commissions for myself. In 2 days I had accumulated $74.00. A friend of mine invited me and we both had accumulated the same amount. That was good but they will not pay me or her our commission. I have sent 5 emails in the past 2 weeks and they have not responded one way or another. In my latest email I told them if they did not respond in some form or fashion I would start letting people know about how they refuse to pay referral commissions. They have all these payment proofs but don't seem to pay. So I guess the proofs are fake. 

If any of you have dealt with them, please respond so I can find out if I am the only one. 

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The site was never created to last. The owner, Simon Chappell likes to launch sites with lifetime upgrades, make his profit, and then take them offline.


If Yellow Brick Mails is gone, then it was only online for 6 months.


He also owned the following sites - all gone:




All gone. So bad :(

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