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Before I join a new Program, I always


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look it up on scamadviser.com, to see how they consider the webpage, not that it's any garanties, 

but you get some indications on the page.

​but new sites usually, always have a bad rating, just because they are new, but they tell you that, so it's not always bad, because of a bad rating, scamadviser just don't have enough data, on the site. 

Some people also comment on some of the sites, so if you have been scammed somewhere, would it be a good idea, to look it up there & tell about the company, in comment, to warn others.


Do also have a good antivirus program, that advise you not to enter a page, if they mean, that something is wrong, the one I use F-secure, does just that once a while, and I just don't enter anything, when they give me that message.


I also have adblocker from Adguard.com installed, that also, tell me not to enter some pages, but strangely enough, they don't  have restriction on the same sites, so that's probably not any garanties either, but anyway I like to have those warnings.


eg. a program that seems cool to me (easycash4ads), but when I enter it, my antivirusprogram blok me doing that, I can choose to enter anyway, but I don't, but I saw the video, when the program was new, so therefore I know it.

see how it looks, when I get blocked  in Attached Thumbnails, it's in another languages, but it blocked, because it's a harmful webpage, it says.

about it's right, I don't know, but I don't use it, even that it seems strange to me,

that there should be any problems, with this program

Scamadviser have a 79% rating on that site, which not bad, so I don't really know, what to believe.



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Before I join any new program, I ask a few questions: Is it too good to be true? Does it promise an unreasonable profit margin? Does the presentation play on your emotions or have a high pressure sales pitch?


I always stress the idea of doing due diligence. There are many of those scammers who are very polished in their presentation. I listen to my gut when I visit these sites.

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I never check to see if a new site is a scam.


I do make it a point to communicate with the Owner/Support.


I have read bad reviews that wasn’t true about sites that I promoted.


A lot of sites that I promote now are from owners that have been around for years.


To most people my whole industry is considered a scam... Network Marketing, MLM, 1 Up and etc...

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Stay away from programs that don't provide any value, product or service and that promise a guaranteed return of investment on the money you "invest". For example programs that guarantee 1% return of investment  in 140 days.


Definitely stay away from those programs.







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The biggest advantage for newcomers is that they have many programs they can join to earn money online.

That is also a huge problem.  Too many choices cause confusion.

The newcomers have no idea which ones to choose.

The best approach is to do a search on Google for the program.

Check out the reviews on Google as well as YouTube.

Based on reviews, then make the list of the ones you think are the best (based on reviews).

Here are some ground rules:

Do not be convinced based on the bonuses offered by the reviewer.

Stay away from software programs that offer Lifetime prices.- Software requires regular updates.  Since updates require staff, not having a monthly fee means the software will be outdated within a year.

Do not get into programs that have funnel systems- enrollment in more than two to three programs.  Those programs help the owner, not you.

Communicate with those who have joined the program.

Join if the program offers a FREE trial, good ones normally do.

Connect if you would like FREE consullation.

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