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Best place to buy traffic that converts

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Too much ambiguity involved here.  :mellow: 


Just start somewhere. Pay for it, prepare to track results, then introduce a new paid strategy. Be consistent, that way you have a decent sized sample pool for your experimentation. The bottom line is, though, paid advertising saves a lot of time; but you must track the progress.


Do not blindly invest advertising funds without a plan to track.

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I think forum advertising converts very well because people who visit forum are all about  interaction. Try buying some banner ads in forums that are about the niche that you are in.


For example: If you are promoting a site that is about traffic..Then this forum would be a good place to place your first ad. You can buy banner ads from most fourms and this forum's price is very good.

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I would also like to add something here. Buying traffic can be something of a crap shoot. By that I mean that you can wind up buying traffic that makes you no money and is a waste of your money. Another point is this: If you are using Adsense to monetize your site, buying traffic can get you banned from Adsense. So where does that leave you? You can buy Facebook ads (another crap shoot in itself) or other social media sites. I seem to remember reading another thread that mentions some sites you can use that will help you get started.

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