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Question for site website owners.

Ed Forshaw

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This is one of the best payment processors I have seen and experienced. Their set up and functionality are awesome.

Take a look and see what you think.



Hi Mike,

 Thanks for taking the time to reply. Glad to see ORU is working out for you.


 I currently own 2 websites that I opened to provide marketers with much needed services at the lowest prices possible.

It would defeat that goal if I required my members to pay more for the pay processor account than they do for my service.


 Not only that but over the years I have seen a few programs like ORU come and go and I need something more reliable over the long term.

Oru is basically an MLM program with a funds exchange service as it's "product".

Some people are making money promoting it and that's fine but it isn't cost effective as a pay processor,at least not in my situation.


I decided to use Stripe to accept subscription payments and Uphold to pay out commissions and they are both working out well for me.


Thanks again for posting.

All the best,

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You are already using Uphold.  That is good.  Check out Zellepay(for paying US members) and Transferwise(for paying International Users).


I use Uphold, Zelle, and Transferwise too - just sent payouts to people using them today (and of course, BTC too)

PHP Programmer - Internet Marketer - Web Designer - Advertising Network Owner

Celebrating 22 years in business - Since 1998




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you may want to try some free alternatives.


1. CoinPayments - allows you to accept crypto-currency payment allowing you to accept from 70+ crypto-currencies out there including steem.


2. JSECoin - it's a crypto-currency that can be exchanged directly to etherium and exchange it into dollars, or directly exchange it to dollars. You can also browser mine it.


3. Payeer - available in 78 countries worldwide including Russia. It also accepts crypto-currencies.


4. JVZoopay - don't forget this, it's easy to become a seller plus you can accept payment for your products using jvzoopay. It's also free to join and free to become a seller and free to post your products.


I'll add more as i remember more of them.

Hi Folks,


 I am looking for a new payment processor that allows me to pay out affiliate commissions.

I know there are a lot of site owners here and would like to know who you use and how it is working out for you.



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