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Have any of you ever used Bot Resell at https://www.botresell.com/  where they sell scripts at a low cost, no resell packages.

They have a large supply of programs that they will sell for you personal use. I have bought several programs from them and 

have been very happy with the cost and product I get. Again these are not scripts to resell but one can build an extensive 

library of the best programs offered out there. Everything was great until my last order. 

The way they operate is that there are no refunds but they offer you another product at the same cost. Their customer service 

usually responds to any type of problems within one to two days. With my last order I never received my product purchase and 

all my efforts to connect with customer service were futile. No response after 10 support request. I have no idea what has 

happened but they have never done this before  and not responded. I don't if they are having company problems of what.

So I decided to reach out to you all to see if you have ever used their services and how was your experience with them.

At this point I will not be making any more purchases with them and to send out a casual do not buy warning.

I will continue to try to reach them and keep you updated on what is going on with them.

Please respond  if you have had any history with them.

Ok that sit. Looking forward to any comments .

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they are selling retail products for small prices.  Not sure this is on the up and up really.  Most of their remarks are from 2016-17 so wonder if its outdated.  There are a lot of sites like this

although I did send a big free file to my mega account they were giving away for free.






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