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The more commissions the better!


However I will still promote something with low commissions if it's good, unique, and I can sell a lot of it.


It can be discouraging though when you are getting sales left and right and at the end of the month your account only has $10 in it.

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Personally getting a commission equals to having done a positive result!


Impossible to sponsor whatever product or site out of money. It's also true that hard work is often discoured by profits!


The shame is when though working hard you don't get any result, and this is a reality! This appears to me a greater problem than the amount of a commission.

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9 Years down the line I will be 100% honest about this answer. Lower commissions are a good indicator that there is good trade so the product or service is a good goer. Higher commissions indicate a hard to shift product or service with ridiculous withdrawal thresholds and excessive withdrawal fee's. 


It always helps to promote products that you like.


Look at the canned baked been shelf in a supermarket....Picturing it? Note the value beans with only a cent profit on them have nearly all gone while the high commission ones that make 25 cents on each can shelf is still quite full by visual comparison. The profit is always in the value beans. The shelf space they take pays for itself. The more expensive ones sit there longer and so eat into the profits as shelf space is costly in all stores.


I have found one surf site that offers an exceptional commission rate that is high and is worth going for. This site I am thinking of offers the best surfing out of 30 sites I have tried, It pays great cash daily, and offers quality promotional material accompanies by an irresistible new member cash reward on both ends. A very low cost life upgrade with this site will allow you 50% commissions.  This TE Owner understands that he has to give members something to draw new people in and it works.


Would definitely consider the lower end commission before the higher end. 


I would now like to blame Darren Olander for my actual surf addiction...Oh yes boy it is all your fault!....I read what you had to say and went off full pelt!    Everything I do online goes to charity so your knowledge has really helped towards something very important to me.  Thank You   :) 

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I would now like to blame Darren Olander for my actual surf addiction...Oh yes boy it is all your fault!....I read what you had to say and went off full pelt!    Everything I do online goes to charity so your knowledge has really helped towards something very important to me.  Thank You    :)



Well, thank you and thanks for sharing!

Founder of Marketing Checkpoint

My Blog

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I'm a 100% instant commission guy!


I love the fact that a sale instantly appears in my Paypal account.


No more waiting for minimum withdrawal limits or time delays!


I know that a hard days work will likely end with money in my pocket at the end of the day.


With Payspree and all of the other new sites offering 100% instant commissions, I don't have time to promote anything else anyway...lol.

Even Free Members Earn 50% Commissions At The 10k Ad Club!

Click Here To Join The 10k Ad Club For Free!


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A good commission/ pay plan makes a huge difference in the promtion of the product.


Is that for you personally or are you referring to the general concept?



If the product sells well then and the commission will be to match. In vain you want to sell a product with high commission, if it's not good.


Can you clarify?


I'd never sell a product or service if I wouldn't happily buy the product/service myself (even if there was no sales commission opportunity). Do I want my name attached when there is questionable value or integrity behind such an offering? No way. I'll choose long-term value over short-term gains.

Hustle. Do everything in your power to reach beyond your goals.

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I try to make sure NOT to promote sites that offer less than 25% for free members.


You may be missing out on big opportunities. For example, Shopify pays a 20% commission (residual) on the fees they receive from customers you refer to their platform, which ends up being a % of a %. The commission is probably around 10% yet once a customer builds their eCommerce site on Shopify, they aren't likely to do the work to move elsewhere. I've referred a few to Shopify and make a decent residual commission for it, plus it can go up as the customers generate more in sales. :)


Try products with over 50% commission.

When you focus on products with 50%+ commission rates, you're focusing on the wrong priority. Value & quality should be first - you could earn a lot more on a quality product at 10% than a hyped, poorly created and overpriced product at 60% (which very few people want and keep).

Hustle. Do everything in your power to reach beyond your goals.

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The commission value for me has to be 30% or higher. Anything below that is not worth my time but I understand that every product and services has its unique amount of overhead cost which might be why its lower.


But its really not the commission percent that draws me to promote something. It instead is the quality of the program and the owner behind it. If its a great quality product with someone dedicated to making the site a success then sending people there is not an issue and I know I will continue to earn commissions for a very long time.


If your promoting something and 90% of your downline leaves the program and stops paying for it after the first month then really what was the point? Quality over quantity any day for me.

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I agree, Sean, that the quality of the product/service should be the leading reason to support with the added bonus being the sales commission structure. That being said, I do think that 30% is very fair. Depending on the market, somethings 10% is normal while others are 75%. To be when the commission rate is high, it tells me the product is overpriced. The margins for the average service-based business is around 50-70% which usually means there is more room for commissions, however, services run a high risk of being hit with unexpected expenses, an increase in cost, and variables that play a major role in those margins.


There's no question that a 10% commission rate isn't all too attractive, but if I could sell the service (or product) easily all day because it's high quality, that 10% could be quite lucrative.

Hustle. Do everything in your power to reach beyond your goals.

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Yup exactly, It all depends on the product and over head costs. I'm pretty sure amazon pays you like 3% to 7% somewhere around there but that's a huge business people are attracted to and some make a good living from it. Every niche and product has their own commission percentages based on a number of factors

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Guest MarketingYouControl

What most people do no realize is this:

it takes the same amount of time and energy to promote a product that brings you $1000 in commission

as it takes for a product that brings $10 commission. The most important thing actually when looking to
promote an affiliate program is: what are the upsells - and the back-ends.

Are you cut off those deals?

Is the company giving you a $10 commission but sells $200 and $500 products and you will not see
a dime from what they are selling?

And to be honest: if any "joe" can just sign up for an affiliate program without approval it is often not
the best quality - as too many people already putting out their links.


Some "high" paying products I found interested at http://www.sellslikecandy.com (not my site, but
i did already promote some of those products).

However I really focus now on selling products that make me at least $1000 in commissions and

also (and that is important) that are paid within a short period of time. Some of those offers mentioned
above at sellslikecandy use clickbetter.com and they have a 20% reserve they only pay after 180 (!) days
and I find this kind of almost unacceptable to wait that long for money I made.


Some of you guys have focussed on writing you want at least xx% of an offer.

I think it is more important to look what you get in the end: 60% from 80 dollars is not
that exciting when you can get 10% of 8000 dollars, right? Some products have a different

profit margin.


If anyone is interested in promoting high-price items please contact me, I am working with an Internet
franchise system that enables you to earn high commissions (and, no, it is not some sort of a "free"
affiliate program - but it aint MLM either!) + gets 90% commissions on "low priced" items below $500

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Guest MarketingYouControl

I have to post another important point:

Who Owns The Customer?

You or the company.

If you do all the work and just "blindly" send people to an affiliate program
its not a win-win situation. Look for companies that allow you to see who the
customers are (companies who use the affiliate software Post Affiliate Pro

for example have an easy implementation to actually see the customers emails
that bought!).


YOU need to own the customer first (to have them on your list) before they
buy from the company you are sending them to with your affiliate links, otherwise

its a losing game.

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Yes, I think it does matter how much the commission is for an opportunity because you will have to more than likely perform the same amount of effort to make the sale, and so you may want to get the most from your time spent. Possibly if a program or opportunity has a lower than average commission it could be there is igher sales volume averages, meaning that you will sell a lot of the product which may make up for the lower commission. I personally look for commissions that are either top tier or at least potentially going to pay 50% - 100% in commission payout.

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Residual income, that's what I like. Sell subsriptions to services.



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your reach with credits and hercublurbs.


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