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Can I use a rotator link to help my team?


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I use the free one from L L in my link since its free to put GEO content 

I'm a member at LL but haven't fully explored (it would seem). My main program is only available for the UK so I currently use EasyHits4U, TrafficG & WebmasterQuest for their Geo-targeting. Does LL allow geo-targeting in their tracker/rotator links then?

I'm upgraded at EasyHits4U so currently use a splashpage hosted there that is Geo-targeted in a rotator. Posting that link at other exchanges means that UK surfers will almost always get my UK splash page whilst others get one of the other pages in the rotator.

It would be so good though if I could get the LL tracking combined with geo-targeting net-wide.


Andy Barnes

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I joined easy5now and got a professional one with no ads for free and unlimited was really surprised by that

I advertise my downlines sites using it. 


Win win, but you can get a rotator from almost every traffic site you can join for free just look in the members

area for them.






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Update Easy 5 now is GONE!


I recommend leads leap now.  But you can also make a team splash in there which would be better then a rotator imho since

some sites refuse to accept rotators.


Leadsleap will let you set how many times a persons site will be seen each time.  For example I get three views in a row

and my team then gets 3 views in a row.


The drawback with leadsleap tho is that you have to use their tracker links with the rotator and there are isssues with trackers now.


The issue is cloaking i believe not sure yet but think you can solve the issue if you don't use cloaking.


With regard to using rotators for individual traffic sites is that when they disappear so do your links (NOT FUN)






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