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I use Mailchimp's autoresponder for my blog but I'm thinking about changing it to Leadsleap auto responder, because it is said that Mailchimp doesn't like for people to promote affiliate links. Do you think this would be a wise move to make? Also, I see some advertising programs have where you can setup your autoresponder to help you get leads. Thanks in advance!

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Leads Leap is solid all around. Their Sendsteed autoresponder is just right (and solid, too). Not overwhelming with features, but not an antiquated interface. As of today you must upgrade to Pro to get full use of the AR system. It is well worth it, though. 

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I love LeadsLeap's autoresponder, Sendsteed. It is hands down the best free autoresponder by far.


I've had fun creating some stunning landing pages on the platform, it is really easy to use and has great deliverability.


Kenneth Koh is a fantastic admin and constantly adding new features and refinements to stay cutting edge.


Despite all those things, it is still only a close second for me, behind GetResponse, the main reason being that while you can

send broadcast emails to an unlimited number of leads with the free-forever version, if you want to set up a longer pre-loaded

autoresponder series you need to upgrade which, at $30 a month, is a little on the high side for anyone with only a few hundred leads.


It really depends on the size of your list and what you will be doing with it.


For anyone just starting to build a list and wanting to set up a drip-feed campaign, I'd probably recommend using GetResponse until you

have reached 1,000 followers then migrate your list across to an upgraded version of LeadsLeap/Sendsteed.


On the other hand, if you are only planning on sending out manual broadcast emails every so often then I'd definitely say you should be using

LeadsLeap from the get-go.


Hope this helps

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LeadsLeap has a generous affiliate program. The affiliate program gives a recurring commission of 25-50 percent for the life of the customer. That is, for all of the LeadsLeap members you referred. If you are a paid Pro member, you will receive a 50% commission. I advise you to go Pro.

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I am an upgraded member of Leads Leap. I was thinking to switch to there Autoresponder and Page builders but I think I read somewhere that single opt in is not an option. Can someone that uses it let me know? 

As of writing this SendSteed single opt in is not an option. I prefer this as I feel those that take the time to verify are more serious about receiving your information & follow ups. There is a redirect function so you can send your prospect straight to your offer after opting in. Also with Pro if a prospect hasn't verified you get 4 attempts to get them to open one of your follow ups. If they open one up they then become verified & will receive your autoresponder sequence & broadcasts.

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