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Coinpayment is good or Coinbase is good?


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I made a payment in BTC yesterday to a program that only offered CoinPayments, which does seem to be the most widely used.

However, I was gobsmacked by the transaction fees. I hadn't verified my CoinPayments to take top ups from my debit card, so, as i had BTC in Coinbase, I thought I'd save time and transfer from Coinbase to CoinPayments, then make payment. That transfer wasn't too bad, but when I came to then make the payment to the end program, a $25 value payment ( roughly 0.0006 BTC) attracted a transaction fee of an additional 0.0004 BTC (approx)!!!

I was gobsmacked but, since I was determined to join this particular program - https://www.yourownleadsnow.com/?andybarnes I gritted my teeth and did a further transfer to cover the amount.


My advice, in the interests of your client wellbeing, if you can find an alternative to CoinPayments, I would do so.

As a newbie to things Crypto, I prefer to keep my coins in Coinbase as in and outside of internet Marketing, they do seem to be by far, the most trusted platform.


Andy Barnes

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Coinbase and Coinpayments are two different BTC models.


Coinbase allows you to receive BTC and Crypto payments into it, which you can then use to buy other Crypto related products /services, or to trade with.It is also a good platform on which to learn and earn about BTC and different Crypto currencies.You can also send Payments to other Processors, such as Paypal, as I understand it


Coinpayments is purely a processor with which to receive BTC commissions, then redirect them to buy BTC advertising.


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Coinpayments is no longer available in the USA I use coinbase currently mostly litecoin have had no issues yet.

But I have seen people complaining about Coinbase.  You should research and make a decision.  They are both

wallets (as far as I know) tons of them out there you can use really.   






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