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Shout-out to all the safelist owners

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Just wanted to say thanks to all those who run safelists.  I've run into various issues with some of the sites lately, none of which are the direct fault of the owners.  It's technology, and its the Internet (and sometimes a brain-fart of my own).  Things happen. Time is limited for fixing things that go wrong.  You all have lives outside the box. And if any of my support tickets have come across less friendly that I intended, I apologize.  I try to make all tickets as friendly sounding as possible, even when I'm frustrated beyond all common sense - LOL.


You're all doing a great job, juggling all the ins & outs of business, and doing your best to provide a much needed service.  I hope I speak for others as well when I say it's not taken granted. If I could afford to upgrade to the highest level of all the safelists I use, I would!


That is all. Have a great day!

Taking another kick at the can, because I can.

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Attention one and all. I thought this might be the best place for this announcement more info to follow:


Subject: George Kosch and Robert Puddy LIVE Event Tuesday April 12, 2016 3 PM ET. Details within.

On Tuesday April 12th at 3 pm ET, George Kosch will be conducting a LIVE online seminar about Safelist marketing with well known industry expert Robert Puddy.

This session is for advanced experienced Internet Marketers who want to take another step up in growing their online revenue and understand the value of list building, safelist marketing, and would like to develop their own Safelist.

Details and link for access to be sent out at a later date.


More info will be posted between now and Tuesday. I plan on being there and hope all who can read this will also.



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I don't know how to post my banner!


Hello, in most sites, posting a banner is rather similar.


I will be using Marketing Success Funnel Links as an example.


When you post a banner, there will be 3 details which you will need to fill up.


First - Name of your campaign. Can be anything. It is just for your reference.


Second - the image of your banner. You can find them in member's area. Usually ends with a .jpg / .png / .gif extensions.

E.g. http://marketingsuccessfunnel.com/image/msf1468c.jpg



Third - The link you want your banner to be associated with. This will be the link you want your prospects to be brought

to once they click on the banner, usually your affiliate link. e.g http://marketingsuccessfunnel.com?rid=1749


Usually, you will be able to "preview your banner" to check the image and the link.


Hope this helps!

100% Free Profit System Generates $100 and $500 on Autopilot!

More Details Here...

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