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King Size Super solos?

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I was thinking about trying the King size super solos.They promoting it on Payspree,and says 10,000  visitors for $4.99

I really wish to know if someone had results(good or bad)with this offer.

And if you had good results did you promote a capture page or you promoted your actual program directly.Thanks for any info in advance 

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<<I am a Worldprofit Dealer>> 


I was a member of Worldprofit about 6 years ago and didn't really know enough at the time to take full advantage of what it had to offer.  But the one thing I remember and what (more than anything) has kept me from going back is that Jeffrey Lant is a real jerk and tends to treat people rather rudely.  Has that changed at all?

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I have tried out the offer and really didn't see any results. I have also tried offers similar to this one where you get to send to large numbers of people and again i didn't see any results.

Now I am not saying it is all their fault because people are fickle and sometimes its the type of copy or they didn't want that type of niche. And I am not sure if these offers are niche oriented 

and just go out to any and every body in their program. 

Just wanted to share my experience with this offer.

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I haven't used it yet.  My opinion is if you can get 10k clicks from many different types of advertising, which King Size Solo Adz claims to provide,

it is surely work the $4.99 investment.  You may need to try it out more than once.  At this price you're not out that much to learn if it is worth it.


Your Return On Investment (ROI) is key here so be sure to use a 3rd party tracking service, such as Trck.me, instead of relying on their tracker.


I also would advertise a spashpage.  Getting people on your list is far more important than a sale.  Remember you are targeting TE's, Safelists, VM's, and the like.

They are more than likely not going to immediately respond to a bizopp. King Size Solo might not be a bad resource to recruit for your favorite VM or TE, for example.


Hope this helps.

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