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Warning "Two Dollar Click" Warning

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I used this site according to their rules over 2 years ago. Every time I see someone promoting it my blood starts to boil. I find myself wondering why anyone would  promote it.

According to their records they owe me 2 to 3 thousand USD and have owed me this for over 2 years now.

I have tried to reach them to no avail just frustration. I am using forums like these to share my experience. Do not sign up with them, do not do the work, tell others about this scam. I ahonored my side of the equation but have received nothing for my efforts.

Stay away for this site and/or any other site related to it.

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After reading your post I researched using Google and found this information

Owned by a Scammer - Their whois info shows "addicted2punishment@hotmail.com" as the registered owner. Google that email address and you will find it is the same owner of NeoDollar and TenDollarClick. Both are Scam sites.

Good to know. When I first used the site I had no idea but know I know and with the additional info you have maybe we can get them out.

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It amazing that this site is still alive scamming people. They have been online for well over 10 years now, getting close to 15. That site and many others like it are the reason that PayPal dropped support for what was once called "Paid To Read" or "Paid Email" sites. There were to many disputes so PayPal gave all PTR site the finger, whether they were legit or not.

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O keep reading horror stories like this. What we need is a seal of approval issued by some independent organisation. I would certainly pay a subscription to such. All we need now is someone willing to take on the responsibility. Offers?


Best regards, John.

You don't need an independent organization to tell you that a website that charges 1/2 cent to send your ad to their members that get $2 to read it, is not legitimate.


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