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hi cristi. the admin has some financial issues as far as i came to know a few months back and he is trying his best to make payouts to his members. and he has been in te industry for many years and has many mailers/te's running. so don't worry and suggest send mail to him asking politely about the payout. it should generate response for you if not prompt payout

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Just my two cents--but "scam" is a word often badly used.


Why do we join mailers in the first place--to genuinely advertise a product/service, and look for other products to make money with ourselves? To drive traffic to a site we own, or build our own list with that traffic?




In other words, they were never meant to be an income generator to begin with--not directly. 


I use my mailers to drive traffic to offers and gain exposure to my site, as a way to inform my site's users through every means possible when something big is going on, and to attract new members. The zubees and cash I get from the mailers is NOT considered in my "profit" calculations--it's a nice extra.


But in the end, if you're using a mailer to "make money" by opening the mails as fast as possible to get to your reward, and not even bothering to consider the ads themselves (and in some cases, never even MAILING an ad of your own), then I suppose a non-paying or slow paying owner is an issue.



But a SCAM--for a Mailer--would be either promising payment and then denying it with no reason, or changing the conditions of payment every time you are eligible, or lying about why they are paying slowly or not paying. And MArk Fox has been around a long time. He's goof for the money, outside of paypal issues.


The REAL SCAM for a mailer would be promising that real people and interested people are going to get your ads--and then sending them to bots or dead/fake emails addys. Or not sending them at all, and making up fake click through rates (something mailers have been found doing in the past. And the other real SCAM would be the people who join and use auto clicking programs, bots, or aren't even bothering to read an ad, because they didn't join in good faith--they joined to get the zubees and pennies for themselves, and to heck with promotion, gaining traffic and exposure, or keeping their end of the implied (and in some cases stated), Bargain--they you're actually going to use the service as intended.


Mark's paying slowly at the moment--but beyond that, SCAM is a poor choice of words, at least on his end--as he is sending out the mails people post, the site is in good working ordr, and my tracking and signups I get daily show me that SOME PEOPLE, at least, are reading mails, looking at my offers, and taking action--which is what they agreed to do.

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Mark had been facing some problems in his professional life as far as I came to know earlier. He has lots of te's and mailers .So hard times means tougher time giving payouts across multiple te's and mailers.But seems he is getting over that bad phase. and Guys he can be trusted upon just give him time and don't bad mouth. No person likes bad-mouthing for himself after all

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I get lots of clicks when I send mails here and I really like the site.

I was considering an upgrade here but I may hold off for a bit.

I hope the owner gets back on track, it sounds like he is going through a rough patch.

If Paypal froze his account he's freaking out...


How many programs do he own? A lot...

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Mark Fox is Great Owner, he has 3 Te's and 4 Mailers,  He is having issues currently but certainly a bit of Patience and Support from all Us will also help him to come back on Track.

Yep! Mark has my understanding And patience. :)

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Mailers should be considered as advertising sites first. If you are able to advertise and receive good traffic from a site, it is not a scam. If there is a payment problem, it could be because of some problem with the owner's account. It is possible that it will all be solved soon.

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I magicalmailer account $ 28.86 ...

every 20 sites viewed pays $ 0.01...

I watch almost every day 60 sites ....

this to take zubee diamond on page 50 ... even though a daily watch 60 sites, account no longer add any $ ...
and this for about 2 weeks ...I have the same dollars than 2 weeks even watch sites


What does that mean?
as magicalmailer not pay at all?

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