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How Can I Promote a VERY popular site?

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Q. How Can I Promote a VERY popular site?



A. Promoting a heavily-promoted program can be challenging. But because of the huge momentum these sites create, and because people WANT to buy these sites, promoting them is highly recommended.




I have found over the years that there are four keys to promoting these programs successfully.



Watch what leaders do. The key here is to watch what people do, not what they say you should do. The person who recruited you has a responsibility to help you succeed. After all, he or she made or makes a profit from your involvement. Watch what leaders do and you will learn over time.


Be consistent. It seems that everyone in these programs who calls me on the phone wants results today. That's understandable because they paid a lot to get in and want to start earning. But Rome was not built in a day, and many of them get discouraged and give up when there is not an easy answer. Consistent effort will yield results.


Don't give up! Some effort every day is better than a burst of effort followed by no effort. Place three ads a day and soon your results will amaze you. The fact is, these programs CAN be promoted successfully. But it does take time, some money, some skills and perseverance.


Don't think you are too late. Many people in popular programs fear they may be too late to get good results. They often think that ezines might not work because others have run ads for the program they want to promote. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Repetition is the mother of learning, and people who promote before you do (whether that is in ezines, pay per click, article marketing or any other form of advertising) are actually paving the way for YOUR success. People don't buy the first time they see something and it is very possible that YOUR ad will be the one that causes them to take action. Especially if your ad is unique and persuasive. Remember, it's a big Internet and thousands of new people log on for the first time every day.




The fact is that people need to see the same (or similar) ad many times before making a move. I'll bet you have had this experience as well ... seeing an ad for a product three, five, even twelve times before taking action. The more ads that run the better for you, if you have the right mind set.




Don't use only the standard ad. While it is true that repetition can work for you in advertising, it's also true that using the same ad as everyone else can be a bad thing. People see the same headline and pre-judge the opportunity, thinking they have given it a fair hearing. Instead, try using proven ads with varying headlines.




The key is to test, test and test again to see what works for you.






Rudi Vanhaecke
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Quote: Especially if your ad is unique and persuasive


I can't agree more. Especially in traffic exchanges and safelists where you only have a few seconds to grab the viewers attention. I create my own splashes and banners as possible for programs I promote and brand most of them with my own name and picture. CTR has improved a lot since I started doing that.

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Most people are involved in some of the following activities to build their affiliate programs.

1. Safe Lists & Opt-In Lists.
2. Surfing sites & Classifieds.
3. Viral & rotator ads.
4. TEs (Traffic Exchanges)
5. Leads - you have to purchase these.
6. Blogs - very time consuming, but they work to some degree.
Bulk Email - where you pay someone and your ad goes on their server. And then there is bulk email stealth software that goes on your computer, but I think it is illegal in quite a few states and spam is never a good idea.
8. HYIPs - for those who want fast returns without doing anything - you know - so called passive income. HYIP stands for high-yield investment programs and the people who get involved with these are high-risk gamblers. Most of these fall apart in time and the majority of the investors lose everything. A few people get out with their profit before the thing collapses. How did they know when to get out? hmmm.

There are two ways to face the future. One way is
with apprehension; the other is with anticipation  .

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I have had success highlighting a product that is a part of the main heavily promoted product, but a secondary product, because many people go after the main product. I know that sounds conflicting but not really if the product has several different products as part of the whole. As an example, there is a coffee company and people are absolutely crazy about the main product, the coffee. But after I researched the company and their product, I found that they also offered another product specifically for a certain health issue. In this case. they have a less known product that actually helped the body in battling sickle cell anemia. The product had been tested extensively and I have a friend whose child has the disease. I told her about the product and she tried it. Guess what, it worked. So she now promotes the less known product and makes a lot more than those who are fighting or competing for the main coffee product. 

And I have found almost to my own unbelief, that there are so many products out there that are the same way. There is another company that sells health products and people are wild about the main products. But my wife for that the same company offers cleaning products that are out of this world and are made with health based ingredients. She does real good selling the lesser products.

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To promote a popular site you will not get much return on your effort by just throwing cookie cutter ads into the venues that are already saturated with them.

This is where the value of listbuilding comes in. Once you have a list that has grown to listen to your advice and recommendations you will be in a better position to market products.

 I advertise to build my lists.There are ways to monetize the initial list building sequence via OTO's ,upsells and downsells but the main goal is to get that person into the funnel waiting for my next email.

 It's only hard if you make it hard.

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Their is a reason why the leaders say the money is in your list. I share that with you because, your promoting a popular offer then you need to send your traffic to your lead capture page first and once they are connected to your email list then you send that lead to your affilliate offer.


As far as promoting that offer is concerned and depending on that offers sales funnel will determine if that advertising campaign is going to be a success for you or not. I find that solo ads works best for me.

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