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Need Help Integrating Authorize.net Into Traffic Exchange

Shon Jimenez

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I have a traffic exchange that uses the LFMTE script and I am trying to get my authorize.net merchant account integrated into the site, but I just don't understand how to integrate it. Any one have experience integrating Authorize.net.


I don't need simple payment buttons, I know how to do that. I need it integrated so that when someone pays for an upgrade, their account gets automatically upgraded.

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Good, let us know if you are given a conclusion.


While I understand not liking PayPal, I do recommend having PayPal as an option as the majority of consumers will likely prefer to use it if they don't know you (especially in the Manual Traffic Exchange niche). Adding a second option is a smart move - helps for those whom don't want to use PayPal as well as becomes another option if PayPal stops working for some reason.

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Shon, Propay might be another option. They are another Ebay approved merchant card service (yes, I know that Ebay and Paypal are the same people) but they are not Paypal and you can probably set them up just as easily with an IPN system.. you'd have to look into it.


What I know about them is that they process credit cards like Authorize.net.. meaning, the customer does not have to be a Propay member for their card to be processed...they fill in a short form, just like with Authorize.net but you also have the added benefit of not having to process/encrypt your customer's information on your site.


I used to use Authorize.net on my plant nursery site, years ago.. but it was cumbersome and expensive... both their fees and having to set up and pay for an SSL certificate for my site... I think there are easier, less expensive options for merchants these days that take some of the weight of having to keep your customer's information secure off of your shoulders.

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