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Free lead capture pages ?

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I need a place where I can create free lead capture pages.

I recently joined mailchimp and want to create a few pages.



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You can create pages at MailChimp, but then you can't avoid the double opt-in (at least, that's how they used to be).  For any list, the dropdown on the right has "Signup Forms."

Workarounds are making pages elsewhere (even Wufoo - sp?) or collecting emails on Twitter with their one-click lead gen cards: no separate page required, no double opt ;)


I agree with the comments above that you get what you pay for, and free capture pages often look like it, or make it nearly impossible to install pixels or whatever you need.

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It may be old news to some and too scary for others, but the truth is that making your own capture pages or splash pages from a free template is not that hard. Knowing a little HTML5 (you do want them responsive to mobile, don't you?) and CSS is helpful, but certainly not mandatory.


You can take a template that is close to what you want and change the images and text with a free editor like Notepad++ (Windows), then open the same code in your browser to see the effect. Make more changes and refresh the browser until it's what you want. Then use File Manager to upload it to your web hosting account.


If you are going to continue making money online, these are simple tools you need in your toolbox sooner, rather than later. Take control and don't let yourself be exploited.


From past experience I know most of you are too skeptical to try this, or even let someone help you. For those who recognize a true offer to help, if you have Skype set up (or are willing to get it) I will give you a hands on training session for FREE through screen sharing and answer your questions until you get it right.


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I use Ontrapages to capture leads then export the emails to my autoresponder. I know it makes it a bit less automated, but it doesn't take too long. I like the designs and overall look of the landing pages available on Ontrapages. 


Actually, the first link in my signature was created using Ontrapages, which you can check out if you like to get an idea of what to expect.


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Another site you might want to look at if you're not going to make too many pages and can't afford the Pro Membership is Splash Wizard.  You can easily make some good Lead Capture Pages, pick one to use, and spend under $6.00 to download it to your computer.  It's yours now, and they even host it for you so you don't even need Hosting.  You can also become a Pro Member and make unlimited pages!   Good luck!


Steve Jones

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Here is a program I like because it has most of the items you need pre-done. The landing pages, video pages also, and pre-written auto-responder messages that you can use 

or you can use them to learn the process. It's called Lead capture Page Boss. It is totally free and you can use all the pages they have for your promotions one

at a time. Or if you like them, they have monthlies that add mot tools and pages you can use.  Check it out:   http://www.leadcapturepageboss.com/admin/order.php?user=theeverydaymarketer

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Free usually translates to being not as effective as something that has value and a price...


Not necessarily.  


At times when I chose not to pay for a squeeze, splash, or landing page I have relied on Weebly for years. 


You can have a free account there and make your own page to generate leads or interest in whatever product you choose. 


It's very user friendly (mainly a drag and drop) system, and you can even copy then paste your optin form code with ease. 


Also, if you're patient enough to peruse their many website templates you may find some that will not display the Weebly branding anywhere on the page. 


The caveat with free accounts is you will be limited on how many sites you can create.  Try it, though. It's worth it!

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I use createsplashpages.com quite a lot.


Although the site itself looks quite basic and amateurish you can actually create some pretty nice-looking splash and squeeze pages with stunning backgrounds.


This example here is now a splash page but I used to have an autoresponder form on there which was easily integrated.

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check out the conversion pro its a payed site you can earn commision on sales making your membership free.



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OR Code Builder      *Design Unique QR Codes Link To Anything
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and more
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