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Watch the count for memberships on Pennies 4 Profits. I know they reset it at least once.

The price is supposed to go up after a certain number are sold.

I just have a feeling it came from the same people as TCT, Twice Confirmed Traffic.

As a matter of fact. I would bet money it is.


This is the 4th program they have put out, and the 2 main people promoting them keep using different names. Some sites tell you the names of the people sending the ads though.


Use at your own risk.


Thomas H Keoppel

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I also noticed it are the same people promoting it, and the way it's "sold" looks suspicious to me, over the top claims as Darren puts it.

I don't even want to test it to see if we're right, because I think it'll be a waste of money that is better spent on other things...

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I have tested it for over 3 months now, and absolutely no clicks, or responses whatsoever. I tried several different ads, and according to their stats, I get these ridiculously high 'open rates', but absolutely no one has clicked on the links in the emails. I honestly don't believe they are going anywhere.


I've only seen 2 people promote it, but one of them is always promoting it, and yes, thru the safelists and mailers.


I've read mixed reviews on the warriors forum. Some seem to think it works and others believe it is a scam. After testing it for about three months, I'm with the latter group. I get more response from safelists and mailers that P4P claims to outdo, and that includes signups and sales, and I've received no results from P4P.


I contacted both P4P support and that one person that advertises it (you all know who because he actually advertises thru here too, or at least did. I know I've seen his emails come thru MarketingCheckpoint), and both told me I have to use it daily and use ads that appeal to newbies... That's a bunch of BS, because I put out ads that bring results from safelists and mailers, and there is no way that every mailing I send thru P4P will get an average open rate of 13% + and not one click on the links.  Really?


If what P4P (support and favorite affiliate) is saying, then my open rates would not be so high or not at all. My open rates with safelists and mailers are usually around 3% or less, and I get real signups and sales.


I don't openly put a thumbs down on a program unless I actually tested it myself... I'm giving P4P a thumbs down!


But that's just my 2 pennies :-)

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You guys hit this jewel on the head. This is a money trap and a pride killer. who want to tell people they got scammed?

When I was promoting 4 Corners hard I heard their add about all the members they had that were converting to 4 Corners. Some of the numbers their members were giving were crazy.

So, I decided to see for myself. I got 30,000 leads in a month and not one sign up to all free offers. I used my tracking links and they were saying something far different from Pennies for Profit.

When I challenged them they told me something was wrong with my trackers. No, nothing was wrong with my 3 trackers, something was wrong with my head for even trying them. But I wanted to 

know. Now there is another new one out there and I will not call it's name. They are making the same boast as did pennies for Profits. Stay away, stay away. 

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The new one is called boostmyonlinebiz. Same crap!



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The new one is called boostmyonlinebiz. Same crap!

Same cr*p, different day. Though there are some real people who are getting results from BMOB, right on this forum. I get all the results I need from free sources with optional upgrades anyway, so I haven't fallen prey to any of the scam sites out and about. Come to think of it, I haven't been scammed in probably 8 or 9 years now.....

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